Your Data Safe (YDST)

    Decentralising Personal Data

    Personal data is often being traded without the owner’s knowledge or consent. The European Commission expects the value of the EU data market to hit €1 trillion by 2020. Your Data Safe (YDS) aims to revolutionize the industry by granting individuals control over their data, letting them create a personal pure data profile that gives third-party use for targeted marketing. Individuals will always retain control over their data through a self-sovereign wallet. Personally identifiable information is never passed on to third parties and securely encrypted, providing peace of mind.

    Unlike the existing business model, users will be incentivized with the ERC-20 YDS token every time their data is utilized. Presently, YDS operates in the GDPR space which allows it to provide customers with GDPR training, DPO services, and data consultancy. The mission of YDS is to disrupt the way of handling and trading consumer data through the redistribution of value, enabling personal data to be utilized and monetized for targeted advertising and marketing.

    YDS co-founder and CEO Phil Chapman has been advising on personal data protection and assisting firms with GDPR compliance. “I have seen the huge demand businesses have for GDPR compliant data and data support services, both of which are not currently being met. I have also seen first-hand how people’s data is traded and profited from without the knowledge of the individuals,” he said.

    Part of YDS’ mission is to educate and help firms in GDPR compliance. It will provide its corporate clients with GDPR services such as data consultancy and Virtual DPO services. It will also have secure transfer and storage facilities for tasks like “rights to erasure” and “subject access requests,” all supported through a network infrastructure leveraging blockchain technology.

    Token YDST
    Type Utility
    PreICO Price 1 ETH = 12,500 YDST
    Price 1 YDST = 0.0001111111 ETH
    Bonus Available
    Bounty Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting BTC, ETH
    Minimum Investment 1 ETH
    Soft Cap 8,000 ETH
    Hard Cap 40,000 ETH
    Country UK
    Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
    Restricted areas USA, China, Singapore, Bangladesh, Nepal, Macedonia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco