XMaterials (XMAT)

    Combination of Patent-Pending Technology

    A combination of machine-learning robots, AI-generated recipes, and patent-pending technology gave birth to the new generation of building materials. XMaterials seeks to revolutionize the construction industry, introducing disruptive alternatives for traditional building materials such as granite, ceramics, marble, and concrete. Generating the optimal combinations of many natural ingredients via advanced AI-powered algorithms, XMaterials have invented the recipes for creating materials that are more affordable, durable, eco-friendly, faster, and stronger compared to standard building materials.

    XMaterials features a one-of-a-kind line of products, but a franchise model will be available to share the patent-pending AI-generated recipes, technology, and strategy to the parties who wish to handle the production by themselves. Franchisees who will use tokens to pay for the franchise license will get a 25% discount on the initial franchise license fee.

    XMaterials Holdings will make certain distributions bi-annually to token holders and will be allocated based on the number of tokens held against the overall number of tokens in circulation. Such distributions are expected to equate to at least 15% of the net distributable profits raised and received by XMaterials Holdings during the six-month period before the distribution.

    XMaterials Holdings will make the distributions through an airdrop of Ether (ETH), which is the Ethereum platform’s native currency, to the wallet addresses provided by the token holders. No distributions will be payable or paid to any token holder who is unable to complete the XMaterials Holdings’ and company’s KYC and AML procedures and policies to their satisfaction. XMaterials Holdings will calculate the distributions in its sole discretion.

    2018-09-25 – 2018-12-23
    Token XMAT
    PreICO Price 1 XMAT = 0.079 USD
    Price 1 XMAT = 0.105 USD
    Bounty Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH
    Minimum Investment 0.1 ETH
    Soft Cap 1,610,000 USD
    Hard Cap 75,060,000 USD
    Country Cayman Islands
    Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
    Restricted areas USA, China
    Website https://www.xmat.io
    Twitter https://twitter.com/XMaterials
    White Paper https://www.xmat.io/assets/XMaterials_Whitepaper.pdf