World’s First Fully-Regulated Crowdfunding Platform Competes in National Technology Awards

London-based crowdfunding platform Tokenise has been nominated in two of the 28 categories in the forthcoming 2019 National Technology Awards, slated to be held on May 16.

in recognition of the company’s significant contribution in revolutionizing the UK crowdfunding market through blockchain technology, Tokenise has been shortlisted as “Startup Tech Company of the Year” and “Finance Technology of the Year” in the highly-anticipated technology awards hosted by the National Technology News.

Initially unveiled last year and released on January 31 by equities trading veteran and early blockchain adopter Mike Kessler, Tokenise is the trading name of Kession Capital Limited, a company registered in the UK and regulated by the country’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Touted as the world’s first fully-regulated crowdfunding platform, Tokenise was launched in an effort to offer equity-based investments and expand the community of crowdfunding investors.

Furthermore, the platform also aims to provide startups a more efficient and structured system for raising capital by leveraging on distributed ledger technology as well as templates workflows.

To improve scalability, auditability, security, and transparency of business operations, the crowdfunding platform provides a blockchain-based, frictionless, immutable record of every transaction as well as proof of ownership. As further detailed in the release, the securities will be stored using a nominee structure, with the digital certificates of ownership programmed as smart contracts.

As originally conceptualized, the platform allows investors to buy and sell investments at any given time through a Tokenise Bulletin Board, providing liquidity to an otherwise highly illiquid market.

With the FCA regulating the platform, Tokenise will be fully compliant with the UK’s existing crowdfunding regulatory framework, ensuring that all users remain in adherence to prevailing securities laws. In an effort to safeguard investor funds, the users’ digital assets will also be custodized by the platform’s FCA-compliant partner