Wallet Demo Displays Lightning-Like Network for Ethereum

Two technologies crafted for Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to be coinciding.

ETH Zurich researcher Arthur Gervais presented a video demo this week that illustrates how Ethereum wallets might run when a mechanism like Lightning Network is inducted. The Lightning Network is a payment protocol designed initially to develop Bitcoin.

Off-chain payments networks have long been perceived as a solution for blockchain scaling such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. While the wallets are not yet entirely developed and ready for use, Gervais new project demo, dubbed as Liquidity Network, indicates that increasing number of people in the Ethereum community are considering to adopt the technology.

The wallet will allow users to enjoy similar functionality with other Ethereum wallets such as seining and receiving Ethereum. What makes the wallet distinguishable and more complicated is its feature that it gives users an option to connect to so-called “hubs” if they cannot connect directly.

Gervais displayed a user depositing 100 wei, a smaller division of Ethereum, into a hub to demonstrate how it works. To illustrate how a user can send payments to other users via the same centre, he threw 50 wei payments to another user and another 30 wei to the second user.

The Liquidity Network is seen as an efficient alternative to a favorite in-development network Raiden as it toils on a relatively new off-chain system for Ethereum.

For all that, the technology behind Liquidity is slightly different as it is modeled after the Revive payment channel which was first mounted by the founders of the Liquidity Network in a white paper in September.