Volentix (VTX)

    Digital Assets Ecosystem

    Volentix is developing a decentralized crypto assets exchange linked to a user-friendly market-ratings analytical interface, a secure multi-currency cross-blockchain P2P wallet, and a rewards-based recruitment program. It is planned to be a community-powered DAO. Through its community members, Volentix is self-organizing and self-governing. It redistributes profits to the community using its native currency, VTX, which is necessary to utilize its decentralized applications (DApps).

    Volentix’s core values are decentralization of governance, personal privacy and security, open source, decentralization of profit, and community transparency. Its goals for distributing VTX are to increase VTX’s value and add population to its ecosystem. The Volentix Pillars include:


    VDex is Volentix’s flagship DApp. It is a next-generation, customizable, extensible, decentralized crypto exchange platform that prioritizes its users’ financial and data security as well as facilitates cross-blockchain exchange. Instead of depositing funds with a centralized exchange, VDex users will keep custody of their money in the digital wallets.


    Verto is a multi-currency wallet that enables access to VDex. In this wallet, private keys are maintained and are only accessible to its owner. When a trade is conducted on VDex, the funds are locked temporarily until either the transaction is canceled or completed and the funds are released.


    Vespucci provides ratings and rankings of cryptocurrencies to protect users from trading nonexistent, worthless, or dangerous coins. To make it possible, technological, social, and market data is mined, creating a comprehensive set of metrics using artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms. Such metrics are visualized as widgets which can be embedded in sites that want transparent crypto analysis. Similar metrics are utilized to rank currencies to enable users to make smarter decisions.


    Venue allows individuals to receive VTX for initiatives aligned with the distribution goals. The members of the Volentix development network will post campaigns and bounties to Venue for work needed —for instance, promoting Volentix, curating content, or fixing bugs—and anyone can get a bounty for their efforts. Venue users can soon compete in a signature marketing campaign, in which a VTX tokens pot will be distributed to participants based on the number of forum posts that show a Volentix signature.

    2018-11-05 – 2019-02-01
    Token VTX
    Bounty Available
    Platform EOS
    Accepting BTC, BCH, EOS, ETH
    Hard Cap 48,500,000 USD
    Country Georgia
    Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
    Restricted areas USA, China
    Website https://volentix.io
    Twitter https://twitter.com/volentix
    White Paper https://s3.ca-central-1.amazonaws.com/volentix/VDexWhitePaper.pdf