Vectorium Plus (VCTP)

    Vectorium in CryptoEnergy We trust

    Vectorium Islands are locations in which collectivity can generate renewable energy and digital currency. Those Islands create power energy value combining solar, wind, and waste by a virtuous ecosystem governed by the blockchain and AI. Think of a world where excesses become healthy, an ecosystem where environmental lifecycle creates wealth, and a planet where the reuse of waste betters the lives of communities. Realizing all that is already possible. The combination of intelligence, software, and hardware has brought the world to a different VECTORIUM level.

    Vectorium is embarking on a mission of generating sustainable and green energy from biomass and producing crypto via the same process. The Vectorium team is integrating artificial intelligence and blockchain algorithms to achieve that goal.

    What sets the Vectorium project apart is its innovative process for energy and coin recovery, known as the “Waste-to-Coin” (WtC). It is a construct for how to produce digital currency and electrical power from the recycling of waste.

    By leveraging the WtC, Vectorium is generating electricity and producing combustible fuel, which includes ethanol, methanol, methane, and others.

    Vectorium is looking to build a “digital pathway to transfer energy from terminal to another and log all transactions on the immutable blockchain developed internally by the company.” It also wants to form an eco-friendly crypto mining process from renewable energy sources.

    “We’re all involved in the poor situation of the planet, environmentally-wise. Now it’s time to make your choice and make a difference. Be part of the solution, do not participate in the destruction. Join us in Vector, join us in our IEO and never forget. In crypto energy we trust. The choice is yours,” Vectorium founder and CEO Enea Benedetto remarked.

    Dates 2019-07-01 – 2019-08-11
    Token VCTP
    Type Utility
    IEO launchpad Exmarkets Launchpad
    Price 1 VCTP = 0.7 USD
    Bonus Available
    Separate blockchain
    Soft Cap 750,000 USD
    Hard Cap 300,000,000 USD
    Raised $626,152
    Country Estonia