USERVICE: Using Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize the Auto Industry

The USERVICE BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM is a new transparent system that is both decentralized and global, and is built on the platform of, one of the leading auto service aggregators across Eastern Europe with more than 10,000 centers for auto repair to its name. This new project’s goal is to combine all process related to the auto industry into one platform.

Uservice Blockchain Technology – is the newest in the Ethereum blockchain network where smart contracts will be used to keep the history of every single car into a unified blockchain. This is on top of using it for auto service and maintenance requests. With as its base blockchain platform, this new technique is expected to be a game changer in the automobile industry.

Manufacturers, insurance companies, repair shops, dealers, customer flow, efficiency of services: All of these will be unified into a single platform as Uniservice aims to change the industry with blockchain technology. What’s more, with this technology, choosing, approving, and paying for your repair shop (and even insurance company services) can all be done in a matter of minutes!

USERVICE also envisions becoming the biggest aggregator of information in the industry by making sure the history of every operation is stored.


  • As a customer, you get your money’s best value,
  • As a repair shop, constant customer flow is guaranteed,
  • As a dealer, you can easily adjust your production process in a whim,
  • And as an insurance company, you’ll be able to produce a more accurate price policy.

With the UREMONT project becoming the leader of aggregators of auto services across Eastern Europe, the team behind USERVICE platform is confident in introducing their new project which they hope will bring more customers to their expanding user base.

Media Contact

Company Address: 737, Two Exchange Square, Connaught Place 8, Central, Hong Kong
Representative’s Name: Konul Iskenderova
Representative’s Position: Community Manager