UnfoldU (UNFLD)

    UnfoldU Best E-Learning App

    Blockchain Technology is one example of how innovation can benefit the educational ecosystem. With the ascent of the web, educational materials are directly readily available: in our phones and computers. In that capacity, two techniques for training like eLearning (electronic) and mLearning (versatile learning) are picking up. India-based UnfoldU Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd. utilizes both the strategies as it witnesses growing interest for its services in the country.

    Schools, educators, and students can take advantage of portable internet availability and connect seamlessly over scattered locations to accomplish both income and learning results with Education for Everyone (EFE). EFE subsequently addresses the hindrances of eLearning with a platform where students can connect with instructors in a consistent and instinctive ecosystem. Thus, EFE promoting the quickly developing interest of mLearning and improves learning results.

    Decentralized E-Learning Platforms

    Blockchain makes a decentralized education platform possible, maintaining it by consensus rather than a central authority. It makes a web-based learning experience conceivable. The innovation additionally empowers standardization over educational establishments, the plausibility of sharing a platform to which no single instructor claims an exclusive permit, and the capacity to use blockchain-native applications like smart contracts and tokens.

    Pre-ICO 2019-12-09 – 2020-01-31
    ICO Dates 2020-02-17 – 2019-04-10
    Type Utility
    Price 1 UNFLD = 0.16 ETH
    Min. Investment 30 USD
    MVP/Prototype Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH
    Soft Cap 134,000 ETH
    Hard Cap 555,000 ETH
    Country India
    Whitelist/KYC KYC
    Website https://www.unfoldu.com/
    Twitter https://twitter.com/UnfoldUOfficial
    White Paper https://www.iba.unfoldu.com/resources/extra/pdf/white-paper-V7-compressed.pdf