UK Thieves Break Into Bitcoin Embassy, Get Nothing

Thieves purportedly broke into Bitcoin Embassy located on Formans Road in the U.K. city of Birmingham. The thieves struck at 10 in the evening on July 15, Birmingham Mail reported.

According to a video posted on Facebook, the bold late-evening attack obtained what appeared like receipt tapes from a bitcoin ATM, owned by Shitcoins Club. CEO Adam Gramowski sad that the ATM in Birmingham was a smaller model and they had it running since September last year. He stated that the thieves were thinking to pull the ATM from its foundation and bring it out into the street.

“It is a two-way machine capable of conducting sales and purchases of four different cryptos: BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH. We sell cryptos for GBP and EUR,” he stated. “I can confirm that our Birmingham self-service shop was broken into on July 15. However, the robbers were spotted by our CCTV operator in time and were unable to penetrate our countermeasures. The ATM was not damaged, it will be up and running in no time. Damages to the shop are minimal. Also, the line or rope seen behind the car has nothing to do with the ATM. We do not store Cryptos on the ATM’s hard drive or provide cold storage facilities for our customers. That line was brought by the robbers to facilitate the robbery.”

Birmingham had its first bitcoin in 2017, which got the headline “Birmingham gets first Bitcoin ATM – the internet currency used by criminals on ‘dark web’.”