UK Meds Partners with Stratis to Integrate Blockchain in Online Pharmacy Sector

A top online pharmacy based in the United Kingdom has teamed up with Stratis in an attempt to introduce the benefits of Blockchain to the industry.

Online pharmacy UK Meds is convinced that with the Stratis platform handling the monitoring of patient records, security will be beefed up to prevent dubious characters from claiming multiple prescriptions.

UK Meds has inked a deal with Stratis, a public Blockchain and smart contract platform firm headquartered in the United Kingdom.

The firm hopes to develop a platform intended for all online pharmacies based in the United Kingdom with the intention of creating patient and prescription information sharing. The initiative aims to prevent individuals from claiming their medication multiple times from numerous pharmacies.

Every time a patient requests for a prescription, the request will be recorded on the Blockchain. The process enables pharmacies, which have joined the venture, to automatically check if the patient is eligible to claim the drugs they have requested for. The process will result in a safer system, specifically for patients who need opiate-based, addictive medications.

At present, there appears to be an absence of coordination among online pharmacies. Suspicious characters exploit this lack of coordination by claiming prescriptions multiple times leading to drug abuse.

UK Meds also hopes to modernize the supply chain through the Stratis platform. For the project, the company is expected to utilize the Blockchain’s smart contract feature. Through this, shipment information for every batch of medication will be stored on the Blockchain. Both doctors and patients will be able to track the movement of medicine from their point of origin to their delivery destination. The initiative will help reduce fraud while bolstering trust for UK Meds.

According to a September 10 report by RTT News, UK Meds has been exploring Blockchain via the Stratis platform. However, the report does not indicate whether the online pharmacy will be using Stratis platform’s public or private version.

Various organizations have been integrating private Blockchains into their system.

As previously reported by CoinWire, the British Food Standards Agency has piloted a Blockchain-based system aimed at preventing bogus beef from reaching the market in light of Britain’s horse meat scandal. CoinWire has also reported that the UEFA, Europe’s football governing body has also piloted a Blockchain-based ticket distribution system aimed at reducing ticketing fraud and facilitate seat allocation during huge games.