Uber Hacked, User Data And Wallets Potentially at Risk?

In a recent turn of development, door-to-door transportation service provider Uber publicized that they have been hacked, which released the private information of roughly 57 mln people to the attackers, including their usernames, mobile phone numbers, names, and numbers of their driver’s license.

Surprisingly, the hack itself wasn’t recent, as it happened back in 2016, and the company chose to suppress the information and refused to release it to the public until today. Instead, Uber chose to pay ransom money to the hackers back then, in exchange for silence as well as expunging all the hacked data. According to the company, they had to reportedly pay $100,000. A statement from Uber says:

“At the time of the incident, we took immediate steps to secure the data and shut down further unauthorized access by the individuals. We subsequently identified the individuals and obtained assurances that the downloaded data had been destroyed. We also implemented security measures.”

Precaution in using mobile wallets

One of the risks in using cryptocurrency is the use of mobile wallets. Potentially, hackers can easily seize control of a user’s device and take its information like names and sensitive details.

As of the moment, there are no reported threats, but even so, Bitcoin users are still urged to be wary and take certain precautionary measures to keep their holdings safe, like keeping their balance in offline wallets. Users are also urged to report any fraudulent activity as soon as possible.