TRX Sees Over 11% Price Spike Following Top Ethereum Game’s Migration to Tron Network

It would appear that the recent industry-wide collapse of the crypto market has not dampened the blockchain gaming industry, as it persistently makes leaps and bounds, with Tron gaming in on Ethereum as another platform offering crypto-based games.

Since the advent of Ethereum’s blockchain game CryptoKitties in December 2017, it has become the largest Ethereum-based decentralized app, setting a precedent for a slew of other newly launched crypto-powered games. However, Ethereum has since faced a number of scalability issues, as the network increasingly slows down, with Tron stepping in to solve the conundrum.

In a medium post published January 5, it was announced that EtherGoo, one of Ethereum’s top gaming dApps, has migrated over to the Tron Network. As it stands, EtherGoo, now TronGoo, is the first idle game anchored on blockchain technology, outperforming all other digital moggies as it gains massive traction shortly following its launch, becoming the top gaming dApp in terms of transaction volume and active users per day.

As the Tron Shrimp team indicated in the post, the dApp TronGoo recently went live on the Tron network, noting that:

“The TRON network and the TRON Arcade fund will always welcome developers with open arms. We’re confident that working together will allow our technology and communities to fuel the next wave of innovation and adoption. The EtherGoo and TRON Shrimp devs have produced hit DApps on multiple blockchains and we hope their creations will bring joy to the TRON community.”

Like most other blockchain-based games, TronGoo’s mechanics are fairly basic, with players gathering Goo to generate TRX. Currently, My Crypto Heroes remains the top Ethereum-based game with over 2,400 daily active users, while the Tron Network’s Fishing Master Studio maintains 3,300 active users per day. As it stands, Tron has already outperformed Ethereum in terms of dApp transaction volume, with gambling games proving to be the most popular dApps of all.

Following EtherGoo’s transfer to the Tron Network, TRX has seen an over 11.5 percent spike in price from $0.0200 to $0.0223, concomitant with the network’s massive surge in daily trading volume from  $110 million to over $180 million, with Bit-Z and Binance taking the greatest share. In the last week, TRX has seen a 9 percent price increase and was also up by nearly 55 percent roughly the same time last month.

While EtherGoo’s defection from the network may have contributed to Tron’s significant traction, the momentum can also be attributed to Binance’s inclusion of the Tron-powered BitTorrent token on its recently unveiled LaunchPad. As several analysts posited, should the prevailing bullish trend persist concomitant with the Tron team’s continuous development and expansion, TRX may very well see its price reach up to $0.040.