Translation Service (TRC)

    Worldwide Translation Service

    Translation has a multidimensional significance in the daily life of people. It paves the way for global interaction progress, which is a fundamental indispensable necessity. The concept of the Translation Service project is to connect translator to the client and facilitate the transactions made between through smart contract TRC based on the Ethereum network, using token in purchase and payment processes against translation services, whether video translation, text translation, translating an artist’s works, personal documents, and other translation services. Everything will be free of charge without any paid subscriptions, fees, or commissions imposed on the customer and translator.

    The Translation Service project is targeting the ever-growing translation market. Per the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), the overall international linguistic sector market volume amounted to approximately $40 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach almost $53 billion by 2020.

    Numerous experienced and skilled professional translators are scattered across the globe. Unfortunately, they lack the effective means or way of binding them with suitable clients in the language or translation field. Some translation sites impose paid subscriptions and high commissions, in addition to the issues and complexities in centralized payments and difficulty in translator-customer communication. There are also monopolistic translation firms serving as the third party and imposing high translation rates to clients.

    The Translation Service project aims to address these issues via the TRC token in P2P payments and to eliminate all problems and complexities confronting both customers and translators. With Translation Service, experienced translators can find vacancies and their expertise and capabilities will be functionalized fruitfully and effectively. It will provide easiness of translator-customer communication in reaching an agreement on necessary translation service details as well as facilitating payments made between them.

    Dates 2018-08-31 – 2019-03-15
    Token TRC
    Type Utility
    Price 1 TRC = 0.00001 ETH
    Bonus Available
    Bounty Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH
    Minimum Investment 1 ETH
    Soft Cap 3,000 ETH
    Hard Cap 28,500 ETH
    Country Syria
    White Paper