Tokia Debit Card: Pay for Purchases Directly with Your Cryptocurrency

Overall, 2017 proved to be a fruitful year for Bitcoin and the majority of other cryptocurrencies, and it’s not even over yet. With the digital currency’s market capitalization increasing more than ten-fold, it’s clear that these digital coins are here to stay. Yet, with all of this positive news about your Bitcoin investments in good hands and digital currencies getting more accepted, the question remains: What hinders them from being in everyday circulation in our lives?

New era for retail shopping

So you’ve finally decided to buy your own digital currency. It doesn’t matter if it’s Bitcoin, or Dash, or maybe a dozen Ethers, what’s important is you’ve made a great decision in your life, and it’s never wrong to reward yourself for it, even if it’s just a bit. And what better way to do so than to actually try these digital coins out for yourself and see what the fuss is all about?

You can book a fancy dinner at the restaurant of your choice, or spend a weekend with your family somewhere, or even just get some new shoes. Of course, you can always use ordinary currencies to pay for these things. But then again, you’ve done that a million times over, and you have your digital coins jingling in your digital wallet, so why not spend a few?

Tokia exchange and direct blockchain payment card

If you answered yes to that last question, then this is where new financial technology startup Tokia comes in.

Tokia is a new company that provides its users with a choice to spend their digital savings and/or make purchases with it. Combining a new and convenient crypto-exchange platform, it gives users the option to convert their ordinary currency to their desired cryptocoin, or even vice-versa!

But that’s not the best part, as you can easily shop with your cryptocurrencies by using the Tokia debit card, which you can easily link to the blockchain currency account of your choice. Through that, the conversion of your fiat currency will be done at the same time of your purchase at any point of sale in the world. What’s more, paying with digital coins using your Tokia debit will take about 2 seconds at most, as opposed to traditional banking systems that usually take a few days to be successful.

In relation to the whole retail market community, this is definitely a step forward.

Simplicity for blockchain based products

At the time of publication, products based on blockchain technology still encounter difficulties when it comes to delivering convenience of usage. And what Tokia envisions is making these accessible for the masses by simplifying the most used of these operations.

Tokia CEO Anna Lunhu has this to say:

“Tokia debit card is one of the finest examples of how the process that is comprehensible to everyone and new generation of technologies can be combined. It makes synergy that is necessary to fill the air in order to successfully develop the business and services that will be adapted to everyday life by ordinary people.” 

Tokia introduces their ICO

Early investors will be given a -47% discount on the limited token edition on its first round, which is a great opportunity to join what will be a revolutionary blockchain adaptation into the average person’s everyday life.

Investors who purchase more than 1,000 tokens will be able to trade ten-fold of the capital for free while people who buy 3,000 tokens or more will have their debit card delivered to them without any charges.

The hard-cap for this pre-sale will be only 10 million tokens, while Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are the cryptocurrencies that will be accepted during Tokia’s ICO.

And lastly, you can use your Visa and/or Master Card to purchase Tokia tokens.

More importantly, Visa and Master Card will also be accepted for buying Tokia tokens.

Tokia ICO pre-sale campaign starts on the 4th of December. For more, information about even more impressive benefits for Tokia token holders, visit the ICO page.