TheWorldNews (TWN)

    First news blockchain platform

    TheWorldNews is the first blockchain-based decentralized autonomic news platform that utilizes a neural network and aims to eliminate fake news. The project is currently dealing with issues such as 1) fake news being published by media worldwide, 2) the widespread problem of all media in getting exclusive content such as live broadcast, photos, and videos to 2M active users every month, and 3) the problem with reliable sources of media which is available in the Alpha-version.


    TheWorldNews is developing a unique transparent ecosystem using neural networks and the cutting-edge capabilities of the blockchain. The decentralized news-gathering service can distinguish the fake, deleted, or changed news content and guarantees the absolute inviolability of each material.


    Conducting an ICO, TheWorldNews project offers itself a high degree of independence as the ICO best fits the idea of crowdfunding. TheWorldNews investors will be ordinary people from all over the world.


    TheWorldNews will derive the concept of the authenticity of news content and its spread to an entirely different level using neural networks and the blockchain. Scaling of the platform will force large media to improve the accuracy of information and change their concept of presentation soon.

    Dates 2018-01-17 – 2018-01-31
    Token TWN
    Price 50 000 TWN = 1 ETH
    Bonus Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH
    Minimum Investment 0 .25 ETH
    Hard Cap 100,000 ETH
    Country Lithuania
    White Paper