The New York Times Hints at Potential Blockchain Project

A job posting published March 13 by the The New York Times (NYT) seeking for a blockchain professional has been recently taken down from the newspaper’s website and other job listing sites.

While the NYT has not disclosed the reason behind the removal of the job post and has since been tagged “unavailable” on several listing sites, the original post indicated that NYT was looking for “a forward-looking leader who will help envision and design a blockchain-based proof of concept for news publishers.”

According to the listing, the “Lead, Blockchain Exploration” position will be primarily responsible for the development of a PoC within NYT’s research and development arm and will be tasked to delineate a vision, brand, as well as public identity for the initiative.

As part of the outlined requirements for the position, applicants must possess both an “established track record in real-world application of new technologies” as well as a “mixed skill set with some experience in at least 3 of: journalism, product, design, software development, hardware engineering, user research.”

Furthermore, the posting also underscored that those interested in applying for the role must have a clear grasp of the NYT’s position within the evolving media tech landscape as well as a comprehensive background in leading innovation and cutting-edge technologies related to the media industry.

As the newspaper further detailed, the new personnel will also be responsible for overseeing the recruitment of the project’s initial stakeholders as well as advisors across multiple news outlets, social media companies, as well as the academic community.

According to the job description, the new position will only be a temporary role lasting for approximately 12 months.

While the NYT has been mostly publishing largely skeptical pieces on blockchain technology, the newspaper has nevertheless kept itself up to date with further developments within both the crypto and blockchain sphere. More recently, the online newspaper has published a detailed report on Facebook’s rumored crypto-related project.