Samourai Wallet Launches Beta for Privacy-Focused CoinJoin Implementation

Leading crypto wallet service provider Samourai Wallet has launched a public beta version of their new privacy-enhancing CoinJoin service, Whirlpool.

BRD Now Accepts Bank Transfers in U.S. via Wyre Partnership

Mobile wallet company BRD has announced that its customers in the U.S. can now buy BTC, ETH, and DAI using bank transfers.

Nexus Mutual, Argent Team Up to Provide “Banking-Grade” Wallet Security

The startups are using a combination of smart contracts and insurance to keep funds safe from hackers and other bad actors.

ZenGo Launches First Keyless Non-Custodial “Chill Storage” Wallet

The company claims that its solution will be the first non-custodial wallet without private keys, points of failure, or passwords, plus a custodian-grade experience for users.

Samourai Wallet Gets $100K Lead Investment

London-based Katana Cryptographic, the company behind the wallet app, has received a $100,000 investment from privacy-focused investment firm Cypherpunk Holdings.

Blockchain Startup Axel Introduces Wallet on Its Blockchain Service

Blockchain startup Axel has introduced its Wallet on Axel Network, its own blockchain-powered platform.

‘Badger Wallet’ Launches New App for iOS

Bitcoin.com’s Badger Wallet introduced a new app for iOS.

Bytecoin Introduces Hardware Wallet Support After Recent Hard Fork

Following a recent hard fork, the Bytecoin Team has released a protocol which its users can implement to manually enable hardware wallet support.

Telegram-Based Button Wallet Enables Fiat Purchases

Telegram-based cryptocurrency wallet app is now supporting fiat purchases.

Rabobank Cancels Digital Wallet Project

Rabobank says now is not the time for a digital wallet.

Analysts Spot Fatal Bug in WalletGenerator; Users Warned to Move Funds Immediately

Analysts claim keypairs generated by the site are not truly random and can be reproduced.

DeFi Pioneer Compound V2 Launches with Several Partners

DeFi pioneer Compound has partnered with Zerion and Coinbase Wallet for the Version 2 release.

ABN AMRO to Launch Blockchain-Based Inventory Platform, Crypto Wallet Plans Dropped

The blockchain platform will be released as a market utility, focusing first on refined metals and gradually expanding to accommodate other “dry” bulk commodities.

Abra Crypto Wallet Expands Support to Include ‘Thousands’ of U.S. Banks

This new feature will let Abra users connect their bank accounts in-app to fund purchases.

CryptoKitty Developers Launch New Ethereum Smart Wallet

Dapper Labs has launched a new Ethereum “smart wallet” dubbed Dapper, which is aimed at making crypto and crypto collectibles easier to use.