Hardware Crypto Wallet Manufacturer Ledger Gains $75 Million in Series B Funding

Ledger successfully raised $75 million in Series B funding. The maker of hardware cryptocurrency wallets will use the new fund to upgrade its operations.

Keepkey Wallet, India and Hong Kong Exchanges Now Supporting BCH

Bitcoin Cash is being adopted by more cryptocurrency companies, and the latest addition to its options are Zebpay, Kucoin, and Keepkey.

Ledger Merger: Ledger Wallet Unites with Decentralized Exchange Radar Relay

Radar Relay, a decentralized exchange has struck a merger with Ledger hardware wallet. The merger allows users to transfer funds from one hardware wallet to another.

DNS Hijackers Loot Over $400k Stellar Tokens from Blackwallet Users

Stellar Lumen (XLM) has been recently hijacked, with its users losing over hundreds of thousands of dollars. By redirecting the DNS traffic of the Blackwallet server, the hackers were able to steal over 669,920 Lumens.

Mobile Wallets: A Must to Enabling Cryptocurrencies’ Function as Actual Currency

Mobile wallets allow cryptocurrency transactions. Do you believe that cryptocurrencies cannot claim to be currencies unless they have mobile wallets?

$400K Worth of Lumens Lost After BlackWallet Hack

BlackWallet warns the Stellar community not to log in on their wallet accounts after its DNS server was hacked that caused loss of around $400,000 worth of XLM tokens.

BTC.Com Wallet Now Offers SegWit and Dynamic Fee Alternatives

Integrating this scaling solution in a timely manner has become quite a struggle for companies. In this connection, BTC.com has made some significant progress.

Monero Support for Ledger Hardware Wallet Draws Nearer to Completion

The Monero community has been anticipating the hardware wallet integration. Ledger has verified they would include XMR support.

Electrum Issues Emergency Patch to Fix Bug That Exposed Thousands of Bitcoin Wallets

Popular wallet developer Electrum issued an emergency patch to get rid of a bug that has been lurking in the platform for around two years and allegedly compromised thousands of Bitcoin wallets.

MyEtherWallet Dismisses Phishing Gossips as a Hoax

In a private message dated January 9, MEW vehemently rejected allegations spreading around social media that their DNS servers have been compromised by a phishing scam that steals login data.

BitPay Accused of Coercing Other Bitcoin Wallets and Hurting User Privacy

BitPay is being accused of leveraging the power it has as the leading Bitcoin payment processor to coerce other Bitcoin wallet developers into supporting its move to BIP70.

BitPay Enforces Their Payment Protocol Policy, Wallet Developers Express Security Concerns

Bitpay announced their first step enforcing the payment protocol policy, meanwhile, wallet developers express their security concerns.

Man Lost Life Savings Stolen from Hardware Wallet He Bought from Middleman

A British man lost his entire life savings in form of cryptocurrencies that he stored in a hardware wallet he purchased from an online seller. He may not be able to recover his lost digital assets, but this is a lesson for the community.

Exchanges and Cryptocurrency Wallets Rush to Patch the Intel Bug

Cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets are rushing to patch the Intel bug which leaves most devices vulnerable to attacks.

Secure Your Bitcoin with TREZOR

TREZOR claims to secure your Bitcoin from viruses and other security threats.