Neteller Rolls Out Crypto Exchange Service

E-wallet users can purchase Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin.

Chinese Startup Cobo Completes $13M Funding Round for Global Expansion

Beijing-based startup Cobo has recently completed a $13 million Series A funding round to be invested in the company's international expansion of its digital wallet services.

Chinese Crypto Wallet Startup Completes $13 Million Funding Round

China-based cryptocurrency wallet startup Cobo has raised over $13 million from a recently completed Series A funding round as part of its global expansion to offer its crypto services overseas.

Bitfinex Disputes Insolvency Reports; Presents Attestation of Wallet Reserves

Hong Kong-headquartered crypto exchange Bitfinex disputes reports that question the company’s solvency.

Samourai Wallet and goTenna’s Mobile App Works Offline

Samourai Wallet and goTenna have developed a mobile application that enables users to send Bitcoin without internet access.

Malware Goes After Videogame Cheaters’ Bitcoin Holdings

In a blog post, Malwarebytes Labs intelligence analyst Christopher Boyd says that the malware has been disguised as offers for cheat items and other freebies for the popular online video game Fortnite.

Samourai Wallet Rolls Out Update, Drops Fiat Balances

Privacy-oriented crypto wallet Samourai has announced the removal of fiat balances from its platform.      

Venezuela-Based Startup Launches First SMS Wallet Service for Dash Remittance

A Venezuela-based startup has launched an SMS wallet developed exclusively for Dash transactions, allowing users to send and receive payments in the country without any mobile device or internet connection.   

Wallet Distributor Files Lawsuit Against Crypto Startup Before Scheduled ICO

Based on the public court filing, Blockchain, which is formerly known as Blockchain.info, is currently suing Blockchain.io just days before the latter’s scheduled initial coin offering (ICO).

Vault Unveils Digital Wallet for Crypto Collectibles

Crypto startup Vault has unveiled a new digital wallet for storing non-fungible tokens and other crypto collectibles, slated to be rolled out on Apple’s App Store.

Google Unceremoniously Removes Top Crypto Wallets from Play Store

Affected by Google’s move are Bitcoin.com’s Bitcoin Wallet, BitPay, and BitPay’s CoPay.

Bitfi Bitcoin Wallet Retracts “Unhackable” Claim

After a series of significant hacks, the controversial McAfee-backed Bitfi Bitcoin wallet has retracted its “unhackable” claim from its website.

IOTA Recovers After Fujitsu Partnership and Trinity Desktop Wallet Release

Japanese ICT company Fujitsu has inked a partnership with the IOTA Foundation to develop a proof-of-concept process anchored on the IOTA protocol for audit trails within the manufacturing sector.

McAfee’s BitFi is “Hackable”

BitFi issues a strong denial against the accusations. The company also says that Oversoft is only working for BitFi’s rival companies on top of the $250,000 bounty.

Binance Acquires Crypto Wallet Provider; Promises to Strike More Deals

One of the world’s largest crypto operators Binance has acquired digital currency wallet provider Trust Wallet in a bid to give control back to its customers.