Trump’s Trade Tariffs Affect Chinese Crypto Mining Manufacturers

Because of the tariffs, Bitmain, Canaan, and Ebang International will be mandated to pay 27.6 percent on all units sold in the United States.

U.K. Cloud Mining Firm Argo Offers Bitcoin Mining on Its Platform

The London-based crypto cloud mining firm will introduce Bitcoin to its list of altcoins beginning November 1.

Study: 74% of Bitcoin Mining in China; Identifies Threat to Network

In a recent study initiated by Princeton University and Florida International University, researchers indicate that China’s crypto mining atmosphere has a huge influence over Bitcoin, a scenario that may potentially be susceptible to network manipulation.

Former Bitmain Chip Designer Competes Against Crypto Mining Titan

Ex-Bitmain chip designer Yang Zuoxing is going head-to-head with his former employer as he establishes his own startup MicroBT to launch a new line of mining chips.

Chinese Bitcoin Miner Gets 3.5 Years in Prison for Electricity Theft

The Chinese man, Xu Xinghu, has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison and ordered to pay a fine of about $14,500.

OsiaNetwork Asks FEC to Consider Crypto Mining for Political Donations

OsiaNetwork has requested the Federal Election Committee to permit computer sharing for cryptocurrency mining for political contributions.

Missoula Commissioners: No to Crypto Mining Moratorium

Residents complained about noise and the potential increase in greenhouse gas emissions emanating from the facility.

Bitmain to Launch Next-Gen ASIC Chip to Be Incorporated into New Antminer Devices

Bitmain has disclosed its intention to roll out its next-generation Application Specific Integrated Chip or ASIC chip known as the BM 1391.

Crypto Mining Malware Infects Hundreds of Indian Government Websites

There have been a rising number of cryptojacking incidents in India in recent months, as hackers target hundreds of the country’s government websites, compromising their security by injecting a malware used for illicit crypto mining.  

Gold Mining Uses 20x More Energy than Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is known to be an energy-intensive process, but gold mining uses more than twenty times the energy.

New Powerful ASIC Miners Coming to Ethereum

Former head Bitcoin mining chip creator at Canaan Creative Chen Min introduces a new project aimed at creating crypto mining machines known as the Linzhi.

Ethereum Community Discusses Consensus Algorithm Directed at ASIC Miners

Some people in the crypto community are calling for ASIC-resistant consensus algorithm ProgPOW in order to maintain decentralization. The call comes in the wake of impending difficulty and reduction of block rewards.

Former Fertilizer Lab Becomes Russia’s Largest Crypto Mining Farm

A former Russian fertilizer laboratory is now being repurposed as a crypto mining farm. The project is expected to be the region’s largest mining operation as of late.

Norwegian Bitcoin Mining Facility Faces Possible Shutdown Due to Noise Complaints

The Norwegian crypto mining firm, which is situated in what used to be a paper mill, consumes more than 40MW of power to run a cache of close to 10,000 units of computers.

Norwegian Crypto Mining Company Receives Bomb Threat Over Noise Pollution

Norwegian cryptocurrency mining firm Kryptovault has recently received a bomb threat over escalating complaints of noise pollution.