Bitcoin Mining Firms’ IPO Applications Remain at a Standstill

There appears to be a growing trend of Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturers unable to sustain their IPOs this year.

Crypto Mining Profits Tank as Values Drop; Many Platforms in Trouble

The crypto community has been expressing its worries over the continuous drop in the value of cryptocurrencies. However, their anxiety is perhaps nothing compared to what crypto miners are going through right now.

Federal Election Commission OKs Political Mining Pool Donations

The United States Federal Election Commission (FEC) has given its implicit consent for mining pools to donate to political campaigns.

Crypto Mining Giant Bitmain Launches Subsidiary in Washington State

Chinese crypto mining giant Bitmain has recently expanded operations to the state of Washington as it unveils a $20 million complex in Douglas County.

U.S. County to Levy Higher Electricity Charges from Cryptocurrency Miners

Washington state’s Chelan County Public Utility District (PUD) has recently submitted a proposal outlining a new rate structure for levying electricity charges to cryptocurrency mining operators.

New Data: Ethereum GPU Mining “No Longer Profitable”

Latest data show that the profitability of Ethereum GPU mining has suffered a significant drop from $150 to $0 in the past 17 months.

McAfee Labs Finds Russian Crypto Mining Malware Correlated to Monero Price

McAfee Labs, the research unit of John McAfee’s cybersecurity firm, reveals that it has discovered WebCobra, a Russian coin mining malware which explores victim’s computing power.

GMO Suffers $5.6M Q3 Loss on Crypto Mining Operations

According to the IT giant’s latest financial report released on Monday, the figure is significantly larger than its second-quarter loss of 360 million yen or about $3.2 million.

Chinese Principals Use School Electricity to Mine Ethereum

Two Chinese principals were caught stealing power from the school to mine Ethereum.

BTCC Mining Pool to Indefinitely Close this November

BTCC has announced that the oldest Bitcoin exchange in China will be indefinitely closing its mining pool beginning November 30.

Bitmain to Sell New Bitcoin Miners this Week

Bitmain has announced that its new Antminer S15 and T15 machines will go on sale starting November 8.

Report: Crypto Mining Consumes More Energy than Traditional Mining

A new study indicates that mining a single dollar’s worth of Bitcoin exhausts far more electricity compared to mining precious metals and other rare earth materials.    

Plattsburgh, New York to Regulate Crypto Mining

The city of Plattsburgh in New York seeks to regulate crypto mining operations to be able to protect its locals’ safety and wallets.

AMD Generates “Negligible” Revenue from Crypto Miners GPU Sales in Q3

In its third-quarter financial report, AMD states that it has raked in “negligible” revenue from Blockchain-related GPU sales, which accounted for a mere “high single digit percentage” of the manufacturer’s top line.

Blockstack to Increase Decentralized App Usage with New App Mining Program

Blockstack head of product growth Patrick Stanley states that app mining is a system that incentivizes developers and other participating firms for developing platforms that the community really wants.