Former Fertilizer Lab Becomes Russia’s Largest Crypto Mining Farm

A former Russian fertilizer laboratory is now being repurposed as a crypto mining farm. The project is expected to be the region’s largest mining operation as of late.

Norwegian Bitcoin Mining Facility Faces Possible Shutdown Due to Noise Complaints

The Norwegian crypto mining firm, which is situated in what used to be a paper mill, consumes more than 40MW of power to run a cache of close to 10,000 units of computers.

Norwegian Crypto Mining Company Receives Bomb Threat Over Noise Pollution

Norwegian cryptocurrency mining firm Kryptovault has recently received a bomb threat over escalating complaints of noise pollution.   

Obelisk Proposes New Code to Eliminate Bitmain from Siacoin Blockchain

Obelisk, a startup that sets out to provide alternative mining equipment, has proposed a new code that aims to drive Bitmain’s mining hardware to obsolescence.  

Crypto Mining Malware Infects a Third of UK Firms in 2018

New research indicated that nearly a third of U.K. companies had been infected by crypto mining malware since 2018.

HashFlare Disables BTC Mining Contracts

HashFlare released an official statement regarding the termination of SHA-256 based mining contracts.

Cloud-Based Mining Giant to Terminate Lowest Tier Bitcoin Contracts

Genesis Mining, the largest cloud mining company on the market, is terminating support for its lowest tier Bitcoin mining contracts.

Nvidia Stock Falls as Crypto Mining GPU Sales Tank

Nvidia has released its second-quarter earnings call indicating a substantial revenue decline on account of dwindling sales of cryptocurrency miners.

Campuses Alert As Pupils Mine Bitcoin in University Dorms

Some university pupils are starting to try their hand at running their in-dorm crypto mining activities, causing fear to some educational institutions.

Crypto Mining Malware Affects Over 170,000 Devices in Brazil

Simon Kenin, the Trustwave security researcher, wrote in a blog post that all affected devices utilized the “same sitekey” suggesting that one entity was the recipient of the mined tokens from the devices.

Investors Petition Extradition of Vietnamese Local Over Crypto Fraud Allegations

A petition signed by over a thousand individuals called for the extradition of alleged fraudster Leh Minh Tam, founder of the Vietnam-based crypto mining firm Sky Mining.

Bitmain Establishes Another Crypto Mining Center in Texas

Bitmain has confirmed on Monday that the company will be investing $500 million in the next five years into a new Blockchain data center in the United States as part of its “strategic investment and expansion plans within North America.”

Canaan Announces Development of Bitcoin Mining TV

The second largest manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining hardware in the world announced the development of AvalonMiner Inside TV, a TV which has the ability to mine Bitcoin.

Sony Files Two Hardware Approaches for Hosting and Maintaining Blockchains

Sony stated that it filed two hardware approaches for hosting and maintaining blockchains in documents it published recently.

Franklin County PUD Freezes Cryptocurrency Mining Power Requests

The Franklin County Public Utility District ordered a temporary moratorium to study the effects of the growing density of cryptocurrency mining farms on the region's electricity supply.