Russian Authorities Investigate Crypto Mining Importer for Evading Import Fees

Far-East Trading and Industrial Company, an importer of cryptocurrency mining equipment, is being examined by law enforcement officials in Russia.

Iranian Police Seize 117 Crypto Mining Machines

Iranian provincial police have captured a person sneaking in cryptocurrency mining machines.

Chinese Police Bust Mining Operation Following Surge in Electricity Usage

Eastern China police busted a bitcoin mining operation after an unusual increase in local electricity usage.

Iranian Government Considers Authorizing Crypto Mining

Iranian central banker Abdol Nasser Hemmati announced that the government is planning to authorize crypto mining.

Photographer Explores How Crypto Miners Repurposed Old Swiss Gold Mines

Italian photographer Claudio Cerasoli visited Alpine Tech's headquarters in Gondo last year to document the convergence between the town's old mining history and the company's digital mining operations.

Chinese Crypto Miners Ask Iran Officials for Mining Approval

Chinese crypto miners have reportedly reached out to Iranian authorities for permission to setup crypto mining operations in the country.

Iranian Government Seizes over 1,000 Bitcoin Mining Devices

The Iranian government has seized over 1,000 Bitcoin mining devices from two factories.

Iran Shutters Two Crypto Mining Farms Following Power Spike

News outfit Radio Free Europe has reported the seizure of roughly 1,000 bitcoin mining machines from two abandoned factories in Iran.

Crypto Mining Device Coinmine Now Offers Bitcoin Support

Coinmine, an entry-level crypto mining rig for hobbyists, now offers its users the option to be paid in bitcoin.

Trend Micro Detects Crypto-Mining Botnet Exploiting Android Devices

Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro has discovered a new crypto-mining botnet.

FINRA Fines, Suspends Investment Adviser Over Undeclared Mining Activities

FINRA has suspended and fined an investment adviser over undeclared cryptocurrency mining activities.

Pan-African Insurer Announces It Will Not Insure Equipment for Crypto Mining

Pan-African insurance company Old Mutual revealed it will not insure machines utilized for cryptocurrency mining.

Iran’s Energy Minister Says Crypto Miners’ Electricity Shouldn’t Be Subsidized

Cryptocurrency miners in Iran could witness spike in electricity bills if Iran’s Energy Minister gets his way.

Looking Into Western China’s Illegal Mining Camps

Some illegal mining camps have been constructed in Western China.

Hackers Breach Over 50,000 Servers to Mine Crypto Using Sophisticated Tools

Hackers have breached more than 50,000 servers across the world to mine digital currencies employing uncommonly sophisticated tools.