Argo Blockchain Adds 1,000 Bitmain Z11 Miners, Expects to Break Even in Q2

New batch of 1,000 Bitmain Z11 miners was brought to production last week and directors anticipate margins to increase as an effect.

Bitmain’s Bitcoin Mining Power Dropped by 88 Percent in the Last Month

As big as the latest drop in hash rate is, it doesn’t mean Bitmain has turned off all of the mining equipment it operates.

Ethereum Hits Funding Target for ProgPoW Audit

ProgPoW expected to level the playing field for ASIC and GPU miners alike.

Bitfury, Final Frontier Introduce Regulated Bitcoin Mining Fund

Bitfury and Final Frontier have partnered to launch a regulated bitcoin mining fund.

Bitcoin Mining Could Go Nuclear in Belarus

The president of Belarus promises full government support for the local fintech industry.

Canadian Province Offers Lower Energy Rates to Attract Bitcoin Miners

Bitcoin miners are increasingly migrating to other territories that offer an abundant supply of hydroelectric energy, including British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, and Labrador.

Iran-Based Chinese Crypto Miners Suffer Despite Cheap Power

Chinese crypto miners are suffering in Iran despite low-cost electricity.

Bitmain Unveils Next-Gen Antminers’ Release Date and Specifications

Bitmain, the world’s largest Bitcoin miner manufacturer, has recently unveiled its next-generation 7nm Antminer 17 series ahead of its forthcoming release date.

Canaan Creative Mulls Over Reapplying for IPO

Canaan Creative, the second largest crypto mining hardware manufacturer, is reportedly considering reapplying for a public listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s newly established registration-based IPO system, the Sci-Tech Innovation Board.

Bitmain’s IPO Application on HKEX Officially Expires

Bitmain’s IPO application on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has officially expired.

Missoula County Promotes Renewable Energy Practices for Crypto Mining Operations

The two drafts have been proposed in an effort to regulate crypto mining operations within the jurisdiction, with the country’s commissioners set to hold a public hearing on April 4.

SBI Holdings Establishes New Subsidiary to Manufacture Cryptocurrency Mining Chips

SBI Holdings, a Japanese financial services mogul, has launched a new subsidiary for production of cryptocurrency mining chips and systems.

Bitmain Reportedly Plans to Set Up 200,000 Crypto Mining Equipment in China

Chinese crypto mining titan Bitmain is reportedly working on deploying 200,000 units of its crypto mining machines in China, as the firm attempts to leverage on the territory’s inexpensive hydroelectric energy.

Bitmain Releases Latest ASIC Miner for ZCash

Touted to have three times more hashing power compared to its predecessor, the new Antminer Z11 was specifically designed to mine the privacy-focused crypto ZCash as well as other digital currencies anchored on the Equihash algorithm.   

Ethereum Core Developers Approve Implementation of ASIC-Resistant Proof-of-Work

Ethereum core developers have recently reached a general consensus on the implementation of the proposed Application Specific Integrated Circuit-resistant Proof of Work algorithm ProgPoW.