Canaan Creative Secures “Hundreds of Millions” in New Funding Round

China-based cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturer Canaan Creative has closed a new funding round.

Mining Pool Returns Half of Accidentally Sent Ether Fee Worth $300K

Ethereum mining pool Sparkpool has recently verified the identity of the user who had previously sent an unusually exorbitant miner’s fee by mistake and has subsequently agreed to split the amount.   

Coinhive to Terminate Mining Operations in March

Coinhive has revealed that it will cease its mining operation services starting March 8.

Chinese Manufacturer Ebang Plans to Produce 400,000 Mining Machines this Year

Ebang, one of the top manufacturers of bitcoin miners in China, is preparing to build 400,000 mining machines this year.

30 Alleged Scam Victims File Complaint Against Crypto Mining Farm in Thailand is now involved in an alleged 42 million Thai Baht ($1.34 million) cryptocurrency mining scam.

Bitmain Reveals Its New Energy-Efficient Mining Rig

The company launched a 7nm application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) processor called the BM1397.

Police in Search for Drugs Destroy Crypto Miner’s Home

Police raided the house of crypto miner, Rob Butvila, looking for a marijuana grow room.

Canaan Creative Co-Founder Steps Down Because of “Differences”

One of the three co-founders of Canaan Creative has stepped down from leadership.

Bitfury Teams Up with Commons Foundation to Launch Bitcoin Mining Operations in Paraguay

Amsterdam-based IT service management company Bitfury has inked a partnership with Seoul-based R&D firm Commons Foundation to launch a network of Bitcoin mining centers in Paraguay. 

Venezuela Introduces New Regulatory Framework for Domestic Crypto Startups

The “Constituent Decree on the Integral System of Crypto Assets” outlines a new regulatory framework that would require domestic businesses working with digital assets to register with Venezuela’s governing body tasked to oversee crypto-related activities, Sunacrip.

AMD Expects Its GPU Revenue to Drop Next Quarter

Graphic card maker AMD expects drop in revenue next quarter partly because of decreasing demand from cryptocurrency miners.

Nvidia Cites Decline in Crypto Miner Demand in Missed Profit Target

Nvidia has some depressing news for investors, but this time, the crypto mining slump was not the sole reason.

BloqLabs Unveils New Titan Crypto Mining Management System

BloqLabs has unveiled a new Titan Mining Management system in an effort to boost the efficiency of crypto mining operations.

Sapphire Tech Develops New GPU Hardware Designed for Mining Grin Coin

Hong Kong-based technology company Sapphire Technology has recently released a suite of crypto mining hardware designed specifically for the privacy-focused “GRIN” coin.

IBM, Ford to Head Blockchain Pilot for Tracking Ethically Sourced Minerals

IBM, Ford Motor Company, along with other corporate giants, will pilot a blockchain project that will enable them to track ethically sourced minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).