New Zealand Crypto Exchange Sustains Massive Hack Resulting in “Significant” Losses

New Zealand-based crypto trading platform Cryptopia has just sustained a major security breach, prompting the exchange to go offline. 51% Attacker Returns $100K in Ethereum Classic has issued a warning underscoring that the ETC network’s hashing power is “still not strong enough,” and is still vulnerable to yet another 51 percent attack.

BitNicx Exchange Plans to Launch in Malaysia in March

Business magnates Johnny and Douglas Bong is set to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange in Malaysia this coming March.

Korean Government Conducts Crypto Exchange Security Inspection

In an inspection conducted between September to December 2018 by the Korea Internet & Security Agency, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and the Ministry of Science and ICT, it was discovered that out of a total of 21 crypto exchanges, only a third have so far passed the security audit.

DX.Exchange Resolves Security Vulnerability that Leaked User Data

NASDAQ-powered tokenized trading platform DX.Exchange has released a statement announcing that it has resolved a recently discovered security vulnerability that exposes user authentication tokens to the public.   

Chinese Security Firm Calls on Exchanges to Help Locate Ethereum Classic “Attacker”

The security firm identifies three wallet addresses and four transaction hashes that caused the two-day block reorganization (reorg) attacks against the network.

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Lists XRP on Its Digital Asset Trading Platform

XRP, the proprietary digital asset of U.S.-based tech company Ripple, has just been listed on the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange’s (GBX) Digital Asset Exchange (GBX-DAX).

Thailand’s Ministry of Finance Approve 4 Crypto Exchanges’ Licenses

The Ministry of Finance in Thailand has approved the digital asset business licenses of four cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. Confirms $200K in Ethereum Classic Lost; Blockchain Attacks Continue

The crypto exchange confirmed that it has experienced the 51 percent attack and identified three addresses, which are linked to the attacker.

Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange Bisq Gets UI and DAO Upgrade

Bisq’s decentralized crypto exchange platform also enables customers to trade Bitcoins in exchange for fiat currencies and other digital assets. to Bring Back “Golden Renaissance” with Development of Decentralized Exchange

EOS project’s sister chain is working on developing a decentralized exchange (DEX) in an effort to provide a smooth inter-blockchain communication and eliminate prevailing market inefficiencies.   

Kraken: US Subpoenas Turning Into “Barrier to Entry”

Crypto exchange Kraken has stated that the subpoenas issued by the United States government are starting to become “barrier to entry” in the country.

Crypto Exchange Backed by Roger Ver to Offer Physical Bitcoin Futures in Asia

Roger Ver-backed cryptocurrency exchange is reportedly set to provide physical Bitcoin futures contracts in Asia next month.

Token-Based Platform to Allow Trading of Nasdaq-Listed Companies

A Nasdaq-powered crypto startup is planning to set up a token-based platform where customers can indirectly purchase shares of major firms.

Huobi to Establish an EOS-Based Crypto Exchange

Huobi Pool, the mining division of Huobi, has expressed its plans to create the first ever crypto exchange dedicated to EOS.