Reverse Mergers: The Solution for Companies Wanting to Go Public

Reverse mergers allow private companies to go public, however, investors must stay wary.

Forthcoming Blockchain Conference Focuses on US-China Cooperation

The US and China are the two powerhouses in the fast-paced, fast-rising, fast-evolving blockchain space. The Blockchain Connect Conference is the first ever US-China blockchain conference and will set the mood for the future of Blockchain technology. It is set to gather over a thousand scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and developers across the globe.

Can Blockchain-based Cryptobanks Go Over Centralized Rivals?

The achievements of centralized banking systems have been internationally recognized over the years. However, the creation of cryptobanks is challenging these long-standing banking systems by providing multi-faceted benefits that can be enjoyed by both customers and retailers alike.

Blockchain and the Banking Industry

Among the most significant problems of banking are slow and expensive transactions. The blockchain technology could revolutionize banking by addressing such issues. Most banks are still thinking about turning to the blockchain to enhance operations in the next decade or even create their cryptocurrency.

INK Labs COO says Blockchain to Make Things Better for Artists

BlockShow Asia 2017 powered by CoinTelegraph, an online publications covering cryptocurrency, Blockchain, the Internet of Finance and the next gen web. The said event gathered together over 1,500 participants and witnessed the introduction of twelve new ICOs and a Blockchain startup contest.

Open Trading Network (OTN) Supports Exchanges Between Blockchain Platforms

The Open Trading Network (OTN) is the first full-decentralized and collateralized network that is capable of securing cryptocurrency exchanges between blockchain platforms.

Orioncoin CEO: Blockchain Will Make Loyalty Programs Work

Based on his professional profile, Woanjen Tang, the CEO of Orioncoin, has 8 years of asset management under his belt. He completed his Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree at the Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After his stint in his home country Malaysia to sharpen his business management experience, he returned to Canada and founded Orioncoin Computing Corporation.

The Importance of Blockchain on Service Industry

The service industry, similar to any other business, is trying to keep up to date. However, the progress is interrupted by some issues concerning...

Long Island Iced Tea Corp. Changes Name to Long Blockchain, Sees Stocks Soar

Tea company Long Island Iced Tea Corp. has recently gone through a Blockchain makeover as it changed its name to Long Blockchain Corp. This...

Veltyco Shares Rise After Blockchain Partnerships

UK-based Gaming Company Veltyco Group saw its stock price leap by 20% on London’s AIM growth market after it had announced that it has...

IOHK Aims to Give Blockchain Diplomas for Greek Graduates

Blockchain research company IOHK has collaborated with Greek educational network GRNET to offer electronic proof of diplomas on the blockchain. According to a press...

Give a Blockchain Gift to Nocoiners This Christmas

With the constant turmoil in North Korea, Brexit, Donald Trump, and several other topics, 2017 is indeed an eventful one in the media. This...

Next-Generation Blockchain Will Not Require Hard Forks

Blockchain is a breakthrough technology on par with the rise of the World Wide Web, and at present, it is undergoing fast evolution. The...

New Blockchain Foundation Moves to Legalize Crypto in India

The Blockchain Foundation of India, a non-profit organization, which aims to instruct Bitcoin Technology in the country, was recently launched in New Delhi, India. This...

Aston to Provide Document Protection for Nine Hospitals in Korea

The document distribution platform Aston created a Blockchain and a security solution for decentralized authentication and distribution of documents – the system keeps documents...