South Korean Government Tests Blockchain for Marine Logistics

The South Korean government is exploring blockchain’s potential to boost the marine logistics efficiency.

Amazon Responds to Blockchain Tech and Data Ownership Questions

Amazon has answered the questions regarding data ownership as well as its future in developing blockchain technology.

Iranian Official: Blockchain can Provide Economic Boost

Alireza Daliri says, “This is possible with empowering the infrastructure of the blockchain technology with the help of government and private sector.”

CoinFi CEO: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology is the “Dawn of a New Industry”

A former Goldman Sachs executive turned crypto startup founder stated that cryptocurrency and blockchain are by far among the most revolutionary technology to have ever emerged.   

Binance Launches Incubator Program to Promote Blockchain and Crypto Innovations

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has launched an incubation program in an effort to promote crypto and blockchain-related innovations.

Facebook Blockchain Division Booms Despite Bear Market

Facebook Blockchain arm is booming despite the cryptocurrency bear market.

BBVA Completes €150 Million Loan for Porsche Using Blockchain

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, the second largest bank in Spain, has integrated blockchain technology to facilitate the issuance of a €150 million term loan for Porsche Holdings, Europe’s largest car distributor.

European Parliament Eyes Blockchain Implementation in Trade Policies

In the resolution entitled “Blockchain: a forward-looking trade policy,” the European Parliament (EP) presents how Blockchain can be employed in improving EU trading policies.

SK’s Kakao Leads $15M Fundraiser for Israeli Public Startup

Daniel Peled, the co-founder and CEO of Orbs, states that with the conclusion of the fundraising bid, Orbs can now further invest in research and continue to develop its core technology.

IBM Plans to Bolster “Do Not Call” Registries with Blockchain

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) hopes that with Blockchain technology, it will be easier to find out who is abusing the “Do Not Call” system and in what manner.

Hyperledger Adds Six New Members to Blockchain Consortium

Blockchain consortium Hyperledger has announced the addition of 16 new members as part of the project's continuous expansion.  

UNICEF’s Innovation Fund Includes Six Blockchain Startups from Developing Countries

UNICEF recognizes the potential of Blockchain tech in restructuring entire industries, specifically those plagued with rampant fraud and corruption activities.

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Offers Insurance for Currently Listed Digital Assets

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange is providing digital assets insurance for all forms of professional indemnity through local firm Callaghan Insurance Brokers, including coverage for hot and cold wallets.

Daxima to Develop Blockchain-Based System for Cattle Tracking

San Francisco-based software development firm Daxima is working on a blockchain-based system for tracking the entire lifespan of a cattle, in collaboration with the Georgia Department of Agriculture as well as Atlanta-based cattle ranching conglomerate Kelly Products.

State Farm to Streamline Insurance Claims Using Blockchain Technology

Ilinois-based insurance company StateFarm is integrating blockchain technology as part of a new platform developed for streamlining the subrogation process of insurance.