Swiss Regulator Grants Broker-Dealer Licenses to Two New Blockchain Companies

FINMA has granted the first “banking and securities licenses” to two blockchain firms, SEBA Crypto AG and Sygnum AG.

NEC Argentina to Create Blockchain-Based Digital Identity Solution

NEC Argentina S.A. has joined forces with IDB Lab and the Civil Association DECODES of NGO Bitcoin Argentina to create a blockchain-based digital identity solution.

Australian Securities Exchange Partners with Digital Asset, VMWare to Build Blockchain Platform

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is partnering with fintech company Digital Asset and VMWare to move its present exchange platform onto distributed ledger technology.

Andrew Yang Seeks to Implement Blockchain-Based Mobile Voting

Democratic candidate Andrew Yang states he will execute blockchain-based mobile voting if he wins the 2020 United States presidential race.

Travelport Partners with IBM to Use Blockchain for Hotel Commissions

Travelport revealed it is utilizing IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric to ensure commissions paid to travel agencies.

Japan’s Biggest Gift Card Exchange Plans to Use Blockchain for Global Expansion

Japan’s biggest gift card exchange plans to utilize blockchain to expand internationally.

Moscow to Build Blockchain Framework for Transparent City Services

Russia’s capital is seeking a contractor to develop a blockchain framework to host the city’s administrative services.

Walmart Seeks Patent for Blockchain-Based Drone Communication

Walmart has reconfirmed its interest in blockchain-backed drones with a recent patent application.

IBM’s New Patent Application Is for a Blockchain-Based Web Browser

IBM has filed another patent—this time, for a blockchain-based web browser.

New Jersey Approves Blockchain Initiative Task Force

The bill mainly focuses on land records, banking, medical records, and property auctions as potential applications.

South Korea’s Koscom to Develop Blockchain-Powered Platform for Unlisted Securities

Koscom will create a blockchain-powered platform for trading unlisted securities.

IBM Introduces New Blockchain Network for Supply Chain Management

IBM and blockchain firm Chainyard have jointly created a new blockchain network for supply chain administration.

Samsung Blockchain Keystore Now Offers 17 Crypto Apps

Samsung is expanding its blockchain dapp arsenal by including more than a dozen new apps in its Blockchain Keystore online market app. 

Tech Company Seagate Trials Anti-Fraud Blockchain Tracking with IBM

Seagate has amplified its blockchain work designed to gauge the fraud-fighting possibility of the technology.

Philippines: UnionBank Completes Pilot of Blockchain-Based Cross-Border Remittance

The Union Bank of the Philippines has facilitated a pilot of a blockchain-based border remittance from the Philippines to Singapore.