Wyoming Passes Bill that Ensures Banking Relations for Blockchain Firms

Voting 13-1, Wyoming’s legislative committee has unanimously passed the bill which aims to address banking issues faced by Blockchain companies in the state.

UK FinTech Firm Calastone to Launch Blockchain Settlements System in 2019

London-based investment funds transaction network Calastone has disclosed plans of switching its entire settlements network onto a blockchain by May 2019.

Ohio-Based Accelerators to Invest Over $100M into Blockchain Startups

Ohio-domiciled nonprofit company JumpStart, which helps and finances startups, is ready to invest $100 million in early-stage Blockchain companies that are focused on business or government use cases together with six other funds in the state.

GM Patent Showcases Blockchain as Data Solution for Autonomous Vehicles

Detroit-based automobile giant General Motors (GM) is considering the possibility of a Blockchain platform aimed at managing data from “automated cars.”

Austria to Build a Blockchain Center in Vienna

Austria’s Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies (COMET) has given the go-signal for the development of the Austrian Blockchain Center (ABC), which will be partly financed by the government.

SEC Generates Profits from Blockchain and Crypto Projects Crackdowns

The SEC has intensified its efforts in 2018 against bogus initial coin offerings (ICOs) and companies that have failed to register properly.

Shipping Starts in December for Sirin Labs’ $999 Blockchain Phone

Blockchain phone Finney reveals that shipping will commence in late December.

Raimond Freres Makes Switzerland the First European Country to Track Tuna on the Blockchain

Gustav Gerig AG will start to integrate the Pacifical logo on Raimond Freres’ traceable can lids.

Amazon Launches New Service for Creating Blockchains

The platform “is a fully managed service that makes it easy to create and manage scalable blockchain networks.”

Abu Dhabi Issues World’s First Blockchain-Based Islamic Bond

Abu Dhabi-based Al Hilal Bank has just successfully completed what is now touted as “the world’s first sukuk transaction” facilitated using blockchain technology.

WTO: Blockchains Can Add $1T to International Trade by 2030

Entitled “Blockchain and International Trade: Opportunities, Challenges, and Implications for International Trade Cooperation,” the report examines the effects of the innovation on industries like customs clearance, trade finance, and transportation.

Bahrain to Launch Blockchain Academy in 2019

The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) has announced that it will soon be introducing its Blockchain Academy.

Overstock Invests on Blockchain Projects Despite Losses

Although notable advancement has been achieved despite the lack of a commercial release, CEO Patrick Byrne wants his company to concentrate on Blockchain, instead of selling products.

Indonesia to Adopt Blockchain-based Futures Exchange

The Jakarta Futures Exchange has inked a Memorandum of Understanding with Australian outfits Money and Allocated Bullion Exchange and Kinesis Money to introduce a blockchain-based exchange in Indonesia.

SWIFT India, MonetaGo Pilot Blockchain Solution to Prevent Fraud

The pair is expected to utilize their own technologies, providing a decentralized ledger-based network to banks to be able to beef up security and improve the efficiency of their financial products and services.