Data Security Summit to Give Blockchain and FinTech Insights

The Financial Services Data Security Summit, scheduled on November 15, will deliver blockchain and FinTech insights.

Accenture Announces Blockchain-Based Software License Management

Accenture has launched a new software license management application developed with the technology from Digital Asset.

eToro Provides $1M Investment in Blockchain Experiment Aimed at Reducing Wealth Inequality

eToro has revealed on Friday that “GoodDollar Experiment” will test a digital currency that provides social interest to the economically disadvantaged.

IBM Secures Patent for Blockchain-Based “Open Scientific Research”

The US Patent & Trademark has published a patent proposing a collaboration on the potential benefits blockchain technology could provide in tracking research work across institutional borders.  

BBVA Bank Executes World’s First Blockchain-Based Syndicated Loan

Spanish bank BBVA has just executed the world’s first blockchain based syndicated loan deal with Red Electrica Corporation.

SP Group Launches Blockchain System for Trading Renewable Energy Certificates

Singapore Power (SP) Group, one of the leading utility providers across the Asia Pacific, has introduced a blockchain-based system for trading renewable energy certificates across a new marketplace.

Ethereum Studio ConsenSys Acquires Asteroid Mining Firm Planetary Resources

ConsenSys has taken over the asteroid mining firm through a recent asset-purchase transaction and has absorbed CEO Chris Lewicki and general counsel Brian Israel.  

SK Lawyers Calls on the Government to Draft Blockchain Rules

The Korean Bar Association, a governing body for lawyers in South Korea, has urged the government to expedite the introduction of Blockchain regulations.

DTCC Tests DLT Project for Credit Derivatives Across 15 Major Banks

U.S.-based capital market company The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has initialized the testing phase of a project to re-platform its Trade Information Warehouse (TIW) on cloud and distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Jawraa Teams Up with Vizsafe for Blockchain-powered Safety Platform

IT and communications services provider Jawraa has teamed up with crowdsourcing network Vizsafe in providing Blockchain-powered safety and security solutions to its customers based in the GCC region through Vizsafe’s Geoaware (TM) Services Platform.

Salesforce Wins Patent Addressing Email Spam via Blockchain

Salesforce has won a patent tackling spam and other unwanted emails with the blockchain.

Deloitte to Develop Blockchain-Powered Digital Identity System for Government Clients

Deloitte, the largest professional services network in the world, has inked a partnership with Chicago-based identity management firm Attest Inc. to introduce a blockchain-powered digital identity system.

Crypto Firm Blockchain Announces $125 Million XLM Airdrop

All-in-one crypto company Blockchain has announced what it claims to be the "largest crypto giveaway in history."

“Cryptocurrency Exchange of the Year” Award Goes to OKEx

Malta-based cryptocurrency trading platform OKEx has been named Crypto Exchange of the Year at the inaugural Malta Blockchain Awards during the 2018 Malta Blockchain Summit held on November 1 and 2.

Research Says EOS Lacks Essential Blockchain System Attributes

A benchmarking research suggests that EOS lacks the essential components of a blockchain system.