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Denmark’s SKAT to Gather Tax Information from 3 Crypto Exchanges

The authorization issued by the tax council gives SKAT the power to obtain identifying information including trader names, addresses and tax information from the three undisclosed platforms, which were asked to surrender details of all crypto transactions completed on them from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018.

Bitmain’s Struggle Continues, But Analyst Assures Crypto Miners are Fine

Ethereum information hub founder Eric Conner posited that the present condition of miners affected by Bitmain’s mass layoff has very little relevance to the crypto sphere in general, assuring the crypto community that the event poses insignificant impact to the industry’s growth.

U.S. State of Vermont Announces Blockchain Insurance Pilot

A blockchain pilot project for the captive insurance industry is being launched by the U.S. State of Vermont.

New Zealand Crypto Exchange Sustains Massive Hack Resulting in “Significant” Losses

New Zealand-based crypto trading platform Cryptopia has just sustained a major security breach, prompting the exchange to go offline.

Swiss Watchmaker to Unveil $100K Luxury Timepiece with Built-In Crypto Wallet

A. Favre & Fils, the three-centuries-old Swiss luxury watch manufacturer that specializes in timepieces made from 18k gold, is working on creating a handcrafted mechanical watch featuring a built-in crypto-wallet.

Stablecoin Issuer TrustToken Launches New Feature to Streamline Wallet Management

TrustToken, a platform for creating and issuing asset-backed tokens, has rolled-out a new address management specifically developed for companies using the TrueUSD stablecoin. 51% Attacker Returns $100K in Ethereum Classic has issued a warning underscoring that the ETC network’s hashing power is “still not strong enough,” and is still vulnerable to yet another 51 percent attack.

Former Central Bank Chairman’s Blockchain Startup Raises $2 Million

Monerium, an Iceland-based blockchain startup, has raised $2 million in its seed funding round, which is participated by ConsenSys.

BitNicx Exchange Plans to Launch in Malaysia in March

Business magnates Johnny and Douglas Bong is set to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange in Malaysia this coming March.

Wyoming Legislators Approve “Sandbox” Bill Governing Blockchain

Wyoming has recently approved a bill that would authorize blockchain startups to operate under a regulatory “sandbox.”

China Launches Stringent Blockchain Regulations

The Office of the State Council’s Department of Internet Information has reviewed and approved the draft legislation, which is expected to become law on February 15, 2019.

Blockchain-Based Messenger ADAMANT Announces Integration of Bit-Z Token

Irish blockchain-encrypted anonymous messenger ADAMANT now allows users to both send and receive Bit-Z tokens, much like how Ethereum’s ETH and Binance’s BNB Coin are transferred.

NYC Economic Development Corporation Opens Blockchain Center

New York City can start testing blockchain technology for a variety of use cases later this year.

China Mobile to Introduce Blockchain-Powered Water Purifier

Hong Kong-based telecommunication company China Mobile is exploring the integration of blockchain technology to regular household appliances, including a blockchain-powered water purifier.

US Department of Energy to Fund Universities’ Blockchain Research Initiatives

The U.S. Department of Energy has expressed its plans to give away $.4.8 million worth of federal funding for universities working on research and development projects, including blockchain-related systems.