Survey Shows Most Crypto Users Are in Turkey, Latin America

A new Statista survey has revealed that crypto usage is thriving in Turkey and Latin America.

In the 2019 edition of the Statista Global Consumer Survey, poll proponents asked around 1,000 people from each participating country, “How common are cryptocurrencies around the world?

Results show Turkey leading the pack, with 20 percent of respondents saying that they have used or owned crypto assets. Right on Turkey’s heels came Brazil and Colombia, both with 18 percent.

Three more Latin American countries made it to the top 10: at fourth, Argentina with 16%; at sixth, Mexico with 12 percent; and at seventh, Chile with 11 percent.

Turkish citizens continue bullish stance

Turkey’s first-place finish in the Statista poll mirrors the results from another study conducted one year ago by statistics firm Ipsos.

The study found 18 percent of Turkish citizens owned crypto assetstwice the average posted by other European countries. That same study also found that Turkish people were very optimistic and bullish when it comes to crypto assets.

The survey found that 53 percent of Turks believe cryptocurrencies will be the preferred method of payment for online transactions in the future and 51 percent believe cryptocurrency values will rise within a year,” reads a Daily Sabah report regarding the study.

Latin American countries embrace crypto

Latin America, meanwhile, has recently seen an influx of new crypto services and exchanges due in no small part to high inflation rates.

In April, bitcoin trade volumes hit record highs in Brazil, posting average volumes of over 100,000 BTC daily and growing. And in Argentina, you can pay for public transport in 37 different cities using bitcoin.

Crypto companies have also been flocking to Mexico regardless of some uncertainty around the country’s crypto regulations.

In the past month alone, Ripio and Amero-Isatek have announced the launch of new crypto services and exchanges in the country. The latter, in particular, isn’t just opening one but eight.