Study: Millennials Could Potentially Reshape the Future of Crypto Industry

While the crypto industry’s year-long bearish trend have largely garnered negative media hype and growing speculations among several analysts positing that Bitcoin’s price could very well plunge to just roughly $1,260 this year, a new benchmarking study published by Cambridge University indicates a significantly rising number of new crypto accounts which, as of December 2018, have climbed from 18 million to roughly 35 million.

As social media platforms become more influential in the tech industry that is now cashing in on Bitcoin’s fame, Millennials are now viewed as the generation that might play a major role in boosting the crypto industry’s image, with tech startups capitalizing on this by attracting the generation to promote the crypto movement.

In another research piloted in August 2018 by California-based blockchain venture fund Sustany Capital, findings suggest that the digital currency industry has generated massive hype among Millennials, with 88 percent of the generation in the U.S. indicating interest in investing in the nascent technology.

Similarly, in a survey published March 2018 by Australian independent comparison platform, statistics show that over 17 percent of Millennials currently own digital assets, followed by Gen X which accounted for nearly 9 percent, while over 2 percent of the total number of respondents is comprised of Baby Boomers, that is, those born after World War II.

As it would appear, the younger generation is far more inclined to enter the crypto industry compared to those belonging to their older counterparts, making them a major contributor in potentially reshaping the nascent sector and bring it towards mainstream adoption.