Stream Space: Model for Successful Global Film Distribution

The frustration suffered by filmmakers who do not receive the proper recognition for their hard work is a consequence of the limitations of the present distribution which gives way to foul play, inefficiencies, and discrepancies.

The present systems of film distribution is made up of intermediaries whose main objective is their own personal gain, instead of the full expression of the product to the film market. The common obstacles faced by independent filmmakers who go the extra mile in order to reach their target audience, range from the lack of capability to raise funds to pay major film studios, publishers and marketers to the absence of security arrangement for the products to prevent them from falling in the hands of pirates.

Blockchain eradicates intermediaries

By examining the qualities and benefits of blockchain technology, Stream Space is presenting a decentralized platform that will link filmmakers directly to their audience and maximize the opportunities provided by their efforts.

The eradication of intermediaries who charge ridiculous fees and choose which product to promote and which ones to shelve, levels the playing field for all levels of film creators. This system only goes to show that access to the global audience becomes easier and more affordable to all. The non-biased nature of blockchain technology with instantly fight off the indiscriminate compromising of original products which is presently a major setback for the film industry.

Efficiently reaching the global audience

Stream Space has developed an ownership and patented method for analyzing large files such as digital films and storing them in a highly distributed network of servers. This actually bolsters the core advantages of blockchain technologies: the anti-piracy security that comes from an impartial ledger of asset transfers, the speed required in combining small blocks from a huge array of storage points, and the integrity that comes with duplication of content elements across the network of servers.

This innovation will allow the audience to enjoy a film in different screens – from a 5” cellular phones to a 13” laptop to a 32” HDTC to an 84” UHDTV Stream Space will be drafting a player with the ability to run on all of the key operating systems and consumer viewing devices. This will eventually allow the filmmaker to assume the huge coverage of mobile technology with the possibility of reaching a worldwide audience.

A token that enables all possibilities

The Ethereum-based token of the Stream Space platform will take the inherent advantages of Ethereum which involves the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that can carry out smart contracts submitted to run on the Ethereum chain. These contracts are self-operating and cannot be manipulated or censored, which will allow programmers automate many processes that traditionally require an oversight board.

This results in advantages in terms of content security and transparency of the transactions together with transaction history.  Examples of these previously hinted applications e-commerce, real estate transactions, legal contracts, and financial trading. The smart contracts function as an escrow system, wherein no payment is released unless the “product” has been delivered or acknowledged.  A digital wallet keeps the funds in the form of a specific number or fraction of StreamShares tokens, as represented by the token symbol SSH, assigned to a unique account identifier with a private and public key.

The StreamShares (SSH) tokens will be available to the public in an ICO set to begin on January 18, 2018, and which will allow users to have direct access to published film content from its original creators.