Stellerro (STRO)

    Take Part in the Future of Digital Securities Investments

    Stellerro is leading a revolutionary umbrella for the growing digital securities industry. It guarantees that firms achieve the proper underwriting, compliance, and distribution processes of different regulated jurisdictions. Regardless if they are a startup, entrepreneur, or asset owner, Stellerro’s expert team is ready to assist them with anything they need to navigate such an innovative industry.

    Stellerro is a market leader in providing a secure, institutional grade solution for the financial distribution, underwriting, asset management, and issuance of digitized and tokenized securities. It has a proprietary Security Token Offering (STO) technology and an entirely customized onboarding platform, supported by legally compliant solutions for intermediaries, issuers, and investors to buy, liquidize, and issue security tokens conveniently and safely. Stellerro is working with venture capitals, legal firms, family offices, investment banks, and high-net-worth individuals, utilizing a strict AML, KYC, and accreditation onboarding processes.

    The go-to-market strategy is B2B (personal networks, events, introductions, and conferences) and B2C through online multilingual distribution channels.

    The solutions of Stellerro leverage the blockchain technology tied with many years of experience from traditional capital markets, building a secure, transparent, and holistic digital security offerings platform enabling clients to structure, issue, distribute, and market digital securities in various jurisdictions and supported regulations. Stellerro seeks to close the gap between blockchain-based tokenized digital assets and traditional capital markets.

    Stellerro serves as an “alternative investment banking platform, automated, in-scale, determined to bring liquidity to the digital era.” It is an Israel-headquartered FinTech company that underwrites and creates wholly compliant digital securities funding rounds for international tech firms, real estate owners, illiquid assets, SMBs, IPs, and private equity funds.

    Pre-Sale2019-06-02 – 2019-06-15
    Token Sale2019-06-16 – 2019-08-16
    Price1 STRO = 0.86 EUR
    AcceptingETH, BTC, Fiat
    Minimum Investment500 EUR
    Soft Cap500,000 EUR
    Hard Cap5,000,000 EUR
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