Square Crypto Taps Matt Corallo to Accelerate Bitcoin Development

Square Crypto just contracted one of the globe’s most prolific bitcoin developers.

Chaincode Labs alumnus and Blockstream co-founder Matt Corallo earlier wrote striking proficiency advancements such as the rust-lightning execution, which makes it simpler for clients to construct and connect with layers of the bitcoin network. Corallo tweeted on August 21 that he’ll be joining the team to explore models for quickening bitcoin development.

Corallo said he trusts to work with “a team that crosses the entire range of talent and type of experience” to address issues related to the bitcoin user experience for different use cases. 

“It’s a little bit different than Chaincode or Blockstream research,” he stated. “To work together on projects with a tightly knit team that are a little bit more focused. Hopefully take on bigger problems, and problems that cross more talent bases.” 

This team, headed by previous Google executive Steve Lee, is still enlisting for a few positions. Square founder Jack Dorsey posted on Twitter that the team will require at slightest two additional engineers and a designer to join the team for open source commitments to bitcoin. Job postings reveal the San Francisco fintech company is looking for an extra operations lead as well.

In reference to the range of firms that presently support open-source development within the cryptocurrency space, from BitMex to the Zcash Establishment, Corallo further stated:

“I think things have improved greatly in terms of the breadth of different funders. … We’ve had an explosion in people that want to fund open source work in the space.”