SpringRole (SPRING)

    Professional-Profile Verification

    Project Spring Foundation considers every stakeholder as it develops the Spring network. Users are fairly rewarded with SPRING as are attesters, providing a validated and valuable resource for prospective employers, recruiters, partners, etc. Fairly incentivizing users indicates that they are the central focus of the network.

    A social network’s value is derived from its users. Network users lend their value to the platform, and without them, the platform will not flourish. Majority of the platforms are free to use with revenue streams from services monetizing user data and advertisements.

    However, users who usually spend time on the platform creating their profile and contributing useful content hardly get any share of the monetary benefit that instead accrues to the corporate sponsor, for example, LinkedIn. User data drives the platform’s value, but the users are not being fairly incentivized for their contribution.

    In addition, since networks such as LinkedIn host professional profiles of individuals and businesses, rewarding participation is important as it grows the value of the business as well as the platform.

    Resumes often serve as potential employers’ first point of contact with applicants. They contain the important facets the candidates would want to highlight on their professional profile. Resumes are essential, but the act of placing incorrect or falsified information on them has become common.

    Blockchain technologies have enabled a conveniently scalable and integrable solution in which everyone can possess a synchronized and immutable digital ledger. SpringRole thinks the time is right to create a protocol enabling individuals to have verified resumes and recommendations on the blockchain.

    That gives a “simplistic yet powerful” solution for those in the hiring and job-seeking space. A different paradigm will rise to increase confidence in what people read online regarding an individual’s professional profile. Moreover, the blockchain-powered protocol enables cryptographically verifying the data as and when necessary.

    While many use cases can emerge after the implementation of such a system, the primary focus is on building a protocol that aids in addressing a significant problem in the validation and hiring process.

    Token SPRING
    Type Utility
    Price 1 SPRING = 0.00002 ETH
    Bounty Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH
    Soft Cap 1,000,000 USD
    Hard Cap 12,000,000 USD
    Country USA
    Website https://springrole.com
    Twitter https://twitter.com/springroleinc