Sponsy (SPONS)

    Decentralized Sponsorship Platform

    Sponsy revolutionizes the sponsorship industry. It is a one-stop online solution allowing sponsees and sponsors to conduct sponsorship deals. By decentralizing decision-making and tokenizing sponsorship assets, Sponsy does not only minimize costs but also gives sponsees a broader selection of sponsorship opportunities as well as makes sponsorships available to all businesses.

    Sponsy is a decentralized platform connecting events and brands that want to conduct sponsorship deals. The sponsorship industry is the most effective and fastest growing marketing segment, but it is biased towards AAA-sized brands and events such as Coca-Cola and FIFA.

    Mid-sized businesses have to find sponsees or sponsors manually. Sponsy proposes a Net Sponsorship Asset (NSA) as a unit which sponsors will pay for in sponsorship business. The unit is supported by the attention of the audience or clients of sponsee. With Sponsy, sponsees can “issue their own Sponsy-backed tokens, assign them to sponsorship assets, and subsequently sell the assets to sponsors.” Such lessens the efforts and time necessary to conduct a sponsorship deal and lets sponsees receive sponsorship funding from different sponsors simultaneously. Unlike traditional sponsorship agencies that spend several months carrying out sponsorship deals, Sponsy’s automated approach will enable sponsees to quickly issue their tokens and begin selling them to sponsors available on the Sponsy platform. Sponsorship-related information such as intellectual property rights and licenses, other sponsors’ reviews, and previous deals are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, hence allowing possible sponsors to check the history of all sponsorship assets.

    Sponsy wants to cater to the untapped SME sponsorships market by imposing no restrictions on firms that are interested in joining Sponsy.

    Token SPONS
    Type Utility
    Price 1 SPONS = 0.1 USD
    MVP/Prototype Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH
    Soft Cap 2,000,000 USD
    Hard Cap 14,000,000 USD
    Website https://www.sponsy.org
    Twitter https://twitter.com/sponsyApp
    White Paper https://www.sponsy.org/sponsy_wp_en.pdf