Scopuly (SCOP)

    P2P Trade in Crypto Assets

    Scopuly is an advanced framework for launching, listing, trading, and storing assets established on the Stellar blockchain. Since Stellar is quicker than Ethereum and Bitcoin and charges practically no transaction costs, this blockchain can possibly turn into the foundation of a new international framework. The Stellar ecosystem, however, presently needs two key components: an efficient crypto-fiat trade tool and a platform for launching IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings). Scopuly will give these missing components.

    Mass adoption of digital currencies will be a reality only if there are fast and simple tools for trading fiat cash into crypto and back. There are now many alternatives accessible for Bitcoin and Ethereum (exchanges, portals, and exchangers), though the vast majority of them are exorbitant and complicated. On the other hand, there are not very many services for Stellar. Scopuly will be the first to actualize a total crypto-fiat portal arrangement integrated with the wallet, trading interface, and IEO platform.

    One more genuine difficulty faced by the crypto space is the inefficiency of the process of raising money. The IEO model, which at first appeared to be an ideal option in contrast to dangerous ICOs, ended up being unaffordable for most projects. Centralized exchanges charge several thousands of dollars to hold an IEO whose success is never ensured. Therefore, many promising startups fail to get new investments.

    IEOs on decentralized exchanges provide an alluring arrangement, but there isn’t a framework to hold an IEO on Stellar. The solution Scopuly offers will be the first in the crypto market.

    Scopuly integrates a decentralized trading client and an IEO launchpad. The undertaking will charge no fees for including projects to the platform and posting them in the trading interface. Along these lines, quality undertakings based on Stellar that effectively pass the selection will have the option to sell their tokens regardless of their financial limit.

    Dates 2019-11-01 – 2019-11-15
    Token SCOP
    Token Type Utility
    ICO Price 1 SCOP = 0.18 XLM
    Platform Stellar
    Accepting XLM
    Minimum Investment 1 SCOP
    Hardcap 1,260,000 USD
    Country Switzerland
    Restricted Areas USA, China, Singapore, Canada
    White Paper