Samsung Reveals Plans to Add Blockchain Tech to Its IT Solutions

South Korean tech giant Samsung has announced plans to offer blockchain technology as part of its enterprise IT solution packages.

Hong Won-pyo, the CEO of the company’s IT consulting arm Samsung SDS, announced the new solution package, dubbed the Digital Transformation Framework, during Samsung’s Real 2019 event in Seoul.

The company’s new blockchain solution package will come with “intelligent enterprise and next generation ERP / SCM / IPA, intelligent factory (manufacturing / logistics / plant intelligence), cloud security, and innovative technology platforms (AI / block chain / IoT).

Filling a demand for blockchain

Hong Hyeong-jin, who heads Samsung SDS’s Nexledger project, explains that the move is in response to steadily growing demand for enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.

Blockchain is a technology that is used in all areas of business including finance, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution,” he said. “We are upgrading the company’s blockchain platform at Nexledger to meet the demand.

Samsung is no stranger to the blockchain space, having just recently released a new update for its Nexledger project that can use its own Samsung SDS Nexledger Consensus Algorithm (NCA) or switch over to the Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum blockchains.

As digital convergence is accelerating, convergence services are expanding across industries,” Hong Hyeong-jin added. “Blockchain technology is also being used in financials where payments are made through manufacturing, distribution, and distribution. We will upgrade Nexledger to meet customer needs.