Samsung Integrates Elrond Token on Its Blockchain Wallet

Samsung has added support Elrond (ERD) token on its blockchain wallet. 

On October 31, Elrond stated Samsung had provided support for the ERD token into its blockchain ecosystem in a “mutually beneficial” collaboration.

Samsung clients will get straightforward access to the token and decentralized applications (dApps) based on the Elrond network, while Elrond will get immediate exposure to Samsung’s worldwide client base to reach out to masses, stated Elrond. One ERD token is, at present, worth $0.001980.

Elrond didn’t give subtleties on which dApp will be first rolled out but stated it would be a consumer application and be revealed and offered by means of the Samsung app store.

Elrond asserts to concentrate on performance and ease of use for its blockchain network and stated that it is “ready to go live with a Layer 1 solution which brings a 1,000-fold improvement over existing blockchains.”

Samsung blockchain wallet now additionally supports bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), and Aergo token, among others. Last week, Samsung also provided support for TRON to empower developers to create applications on the TRON blockchain and to give clients access to these applications through its blockchain-empowered cellphones.