Samsung Galaxy S10 Features Crypto Wallet for Ethereum but Not Bitcoin

Samsung has recently confirmed last year’s rumors hinting that the tech titan’s forthcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10, would feature a Blockchain Keystore application that would serve as cold storage for the leading digital assets in the crypto markets.

As the Seoul-based conglomerate indicated during its latest Unpacked event, once the device launches on March 8, Galaxy S10 will be supporting multiple cryptocurrencies through its Blockchain Keystore app, including Ethereum, but not Bitcoin.

The news was further verified by a number of unboxing videos uploaded by several smartphone enthusiasts who have already gotten their hands on the device’s retail version. However, it was not disclosed whether or not the new flagship device will be rolling out support for other ERC-20 tokens using the Ethereum wallet address.

As it stands, multiple crypto wallets place Ethereum as one of its top priorities largely due to the fact that a wide range of other ERC-20 tokens uses the same wallet address to receive Ether.

While Samsung Galaxy S10 currently does not include Bitcoin in its crypto wallet feature, its Blockchain Keystore app may eventually roll out support concomitant with the device’s software update release, as many other smartphone manufacturers are inclined to do.

This would not be the first time smartphone manufacturers have integrated a built-in cryptocurrency wallet into their product, as evidenced by other previously released devices.

In 2018, HTC’s head of business and corporate development Phil Chen has developed a blockchain-based smartphone, while London-based startup Sirin Labs has also recently released its blockchain-based smartphone FINNY. Similarly, PundiX has also disclosed plans of introducing its XPhone blockchain handset, slated to be launched in the second quarter of 2019.