Samourai Wallet Boosts Identity Protection Through Tor Integration

Bitcoin wallet provider Samourai Wallet has recently announced support for Tor integration in an effort to provide users an added layer of protection and personal data privacy, according to a report published March 26 by Nasdaq.

As Samourai lead developer “TD” was quoted as stating, using the Tor integration feature before registering a new wallet will prevent Samourai’s server from accessing a user’s IP address when connecting to the API, thereby further protecting the user’s real-world identity.

Furthermore, Tor-enabled connectivity will also pave the way for the upcoming release of Samourai’s two other privacy-enhancing features, Whirlpool and Dojo.

Explaining the forthcoming offering, TD was quoted as stating that:

“Our users have been requesting tighter Tor integration for some time. It was a prerequisite for rolling out Whirlpool and Dojo.”

Whirlpool is Samourai’s highly anticipated Zerolink implementation initially introduced in 2017. It is a coin-mixing protocol that shuffles incoming and outgoing coins, boosting privacy and anonymity of the coin’s origin source of an outgoing transaction.

Dojo is Samourai’s streamlined wallet-specific full node specifically designed to bypass a Tor-exclusive connection, thereby lending further privacy. The node includes backend APIs that allows the Samourai Wallet to directly connect to the Dojo, running over the firm’s servers, thus, providing greater security and verification measures for users.

In an effort to further push for transaction security and anonymity, Samourai has also disclosed plans of introducing a feature called PayNyms, a directory that offers stealth addresses, allowing users to anonymously conduct transactions between other Samourai Wallet users.

While TD conceded that the Tor integration feature may pose a number of limitations including potentially slowing down the network under certain conditions, as well as the fact that the Tor network is currently inaccessible in certain jurisdictions and internet service providers, he noted that “Tor users [would] readily accept that tradeoff.”

As TD concluded:

“Connectivity over Tor is now an integral part of Samourai Wallet and will be maintained in an important position within our code base as we move forward.