Rublix (RBLX)

    Invest, Trade and Capitalize

    Rublix is building a revolutionary ecosystem for market professionals, investors, and traders where accuracy and reputation dominates. It developed one of the most advanced DApps, Hedge, intended for traders to share quality information verified through smart contracts and an immutable blockchain created to display prominent information. Hedge allows seasoned traders to earn RBLX tokens for giving correct predictions and newbies to access these predictions with RBLX tokens.

    The blockchain technology’s primitive nature and lack of on-chain resources hinder complex blockchain development and pose restrictions on the creation of elaborate and exciting DApps. Several blockchain architectures face various problems such as on-chain data availability, extensibility, and scalability. Rublix believes such issues arise from the relationship between two essential parts of the consensus architecture—validity and canonicality—being so closely associated. Moreover, using Oracles adds a centralized party for handling off-chain data that defeats the real purpose of the core functionality of blockchain.

    Rublix proposes a decentralized and trustless blockchain that allows on-chain access to real-time market pricing data while preserving integrity by using various data sources and a consensus agreement for determining accurate values. That gives users, investors, fund managers, and traders the power to write smart contracts and execute commands based on the underlying price of a stock, foreign exchange market, digital currency, etc.

    Rublix is creating an ecosystem powered by coin rewards and smart contracts where novice traders can learn from experienced traders with track records verified by the blockchain. The Rublix platform allows traders to share valuable information based on transparency and proof, aiming to help traders of all levels enhance their confidence, skills, and profitability.

    Token RBLX
    Type Utility
    Bounty Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH
    Country Canada
    White Paper