Ripple Community Petitions to Launch XRP on Coinbase

Coinbase will undoubtedly launch a handful of digital currencies over the coming years. The only question is which among the cryptocurrencies will it be and when the addition will occur. At the moment, the Ripple community is hopeful that the XRP will be listed on this platform. As part of the movement, they started a petition on Despite the little success rate, it displays an admirable sentiment. The current volume of people already singing the request shows potential success in the long run.

Coinbase has been open that it plans to add more digital currencies though they may not do so in their account. The company is presently in search of potential engineers who can help make this possible. It will demand consistent effort to sustain other currencies and allowing the developers to participate is a smart idea. However, the company must keep an eye on the hottest digital currencies rather than wait for help. Currently, some of the coins require additional fiat currency gateways.

Although XRP did not make it on the list, Ripple’s asset can always acquire more liquidity from any source. However, things can get pretty exciting if this asset was listed on Coinbase. The impact of the petition is still uncertain, and the request might fall on deaf ears, it is nevertheless an exciting initiative as it displays the eagerness of the community to see this become possible in the future.

The petition acquired a surprisingly huge number of signatories. The up-to-the-minute count is over 9,000 signatures though some would argue that even if it hit 10,000 names, not much will happen. Coinbase admits that they can’t do things on their own and they need aid from enthusiast developers to assist them in this regard. XRP is apparently a unique type of digital currency. They are still looking at the potential of the integrations.

The community looks appreciative to this initiative except for the fact that the organizers of the campaign only credits BTC donations. Participants are not obliged to shed contributions though. It is very rare to see a petition enforce any significant change and the like. This is true to any aspect of life, and it may also apply in the world of virtual currency.