Revolutionary Altcoins Surge in Prices Over the Holidays

Most of the leading cryptocurrencies have experienced flat movement over the last quarter of 2017 with minimal movement among the top five.

Bitcoin’s price hovers around $15,000 in December and recorded a slight northward trend today. On the other hand, Ethereum follows a sideways trend maintaining its $700 price for the same period, while Litecoin stays at its $280 price this month. Bitcoin Cash follows a slight movement up to $200 to keep its present value at $3,000.   

But there are several clear winners as top cryptocurrencies hibernate in the festive season. Through the 24-hour change indicator from Coin Market Cap, the private digital currency Zcoin is now leading the rest of the altcoins with a 45% rate increase in the past 24 hours. It hovers around $75 since around mid-December before surging to an all-time high of $170 several hours ago. The market immediately rebounded but ZCoin is currently trading at $140. Recently, there has been a demand among anonymous and private tokens including Verge and Monero.  

Another emerging altcoin, Aion, is also making some buzz in the digital currency world. This digital token aims to integrate blockchain platforms in a multiple-tier hub-and-spoke framework, that is similar to the World Wide Web. Its price surges up to 40% of its original value and has even reached an all-time high of $7 level.

Another newcomer in the altcoin world is Dent, which is also doing good in today’s trading. The purpose of this altcoin is to decentralize mobile data and eliminate international roaming fees often charged by carriers on mobile services. This cryptocurrency is based in Hong Kong and has surged to almost 35% increase yesterday and is now trading around $0.03 per token, which is not a bad start for a beginner.

Enigma has experienced a 36% increase yesterday. This is a secondary layer off-chain network, which aims to resolve the two largest problems for blockchains – privacy and scalability. This bitcoin has experienced an all-time high of $3.50 today, which is a big jump from its original $0.6 per token a few months back. RaiBlocks is now enticing a lot of cryptocurrency investors, because of its 35% increase in value, and now trades at $7.40 as of press time. This token aims to improve the blockchain into a crypto-framework known as block-lattice, which doesn’t require miners.  

Other altcoins that are making a buzz in the digital currency world today are Ripio, Binance, Icon, and Skycoin. European and American trading today will figure out if these jumps will sustain and become an indicator that revolutionary digital currencies are beginning to dominate the scene.