Research: Hacker Still Laundering Stolen Binance Funds

Binance’s recent hacker has been continually laundering funds stolen from the exchange back in May.

Luxembourg-cryptocurrency capital streams research group says the 7,074 stolen coins are being washed via mixing services Chipmixer. Clain says around 4,836 bitcoins were washed since June 12.

A bitcoin mixing service mixes bitcoins with other users’ coins. Since bitcoins are connected to the publicly verifiable blockchain, mixing services are utilized to jumble exchange histories that follow bitcoins around.

Chipmixer was overpowered with the funds, Clain states. Beginning June 12, the hacker put funds into the mixer. 

“It was pretty straightforward to trace the hacker’s subsequent steps as it is practically impossible to launder big volume of coins in a relatively short period of time. Thus, we were able to detect the initial pool of hacker’s addresses,” the company said.

Clain states that Chipmixer has never dealt with inflows of such big volume, driving them to say that most funds coming out of Chipmixer nowadays are related to one owner, the Binance hacker.

Address examination shows the hacker further breaking his plunder into smaller entireties of roughly ten coins. Breaking the lump entirety into little mixed clusters is one way to prepare for converting cryptocurrencies into fiat. Clain says 150 clusters were identified amid the dynamic mixing period and further thinks some 5,300 bitcoin have been clustered all in all.

Out of the 4,836 coins mixed, Clain has recognized 183 bitcoins from the hacker with another 814 probably to be from the hacker.

Clain’s investigation shows small proof to demonstrate any of the coins have hit the open market.