‘Renowned’ Crypto Entrepreneur Charlie Shrem Joins Advisory Board for New Start-Up Eligma


Eligma, a new start-up company that seeks to make cryptocurrency payments and Blockchain technology an everyday feature for mainstream shopping has released a statement saying that “one of the most renowned representatives of the crypto community” has joined its advisory board.

The company is building an e-commerce platform which enables consumers to shop on multiple websites with a single unified account. The platform is equipped with an artificial intelligence system that utilizes the data generated by the users’ accounts to provide personalized recommendations and offers on new deals and products. Users will be provided an inventory which will allow them to track the purchases they’ve made and to find the best time to sell their unwanted items on second-hand sites. Customers in brick-and-mortar stores will also be given the option to purchase items with cryptocurrency via a system called EliPay.

Building an advisory team

Eligma’s advisory team was recently joined by one of Bitcoin’s earliest adopters, Charlie Shrem, who is also a vocal advocate of cryptocurrency.

Eligma claims that Shrem has substantial experience from senior roles at a multi-platform crypto wallet venture and a firm that promotes the use of crypto within the business community.

With the company’s technology still to be tested in a real-world environment, the company feels that Shrem arrived at a critical time for Eligma, and hopes that his background will enhance the company’s progress.

“Eligma stands for an exceptional revolution, not only in the shopping sense, but also in terms of making the general public aware of the practical advantages that cryptocurrencies offer,” Shrem stated.

Shrem is joining the company’s current list of advisers, each one bringing their expertise and experience from working with some of the biggest companies in the world.

According to the company, Andy Baynes is a “consummate visionary” who has previously worked with Tim Cook and Steve Jobs at Apple. Hermann Eul is a “seasoned top executive in telecommunications and security” who worked at Intel. Gary Dillabough has a decade of experience working at eBay, and Peter Moricz worked as the vice president of the London branch of JP Morgan Private bank from 2014 to 2016.

The company’s CEO and founder, Dejan Roljic, stated that he is sure the contributions of these advisers “will result in a product that is far-reaching in its technology but easy and practical to use at the same time.”

Planning “Bitcoin City”

Mr. Shrem arrived just as Eligma was preparing to test its system for crypto transactions at a mall in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city. Eligma seeks to develop Bitcoin City with the use of its technology. Bitcoin City is a complex that has over 450 stores and will be the world’s first shopping center which will allow payments in cryptocurrency.

Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic states that the test’s starting phase will proceed as planned after Eligma had signed letters of intent with the five biggest retailers of Bitcoin City. The company says that further features will be gradually tested throughout the coming months, building the foundation towards expanding to the UK by the middle of 2019.

“We are planning to make Eligma a worldwide platform, but we need to start on a smaller scale to gather enough data and figure out the best practices to proceed further,” Roljic states.

Roljic continues to promote his business. He recently had a successful speech at the Crypto Summit 2018 in Zurich, which awarded Eligma with the best pitch award, with a score of 47.7 percent, competing against 22 other ICOs.

The company’s crowdsale will begin on April 17 and will end on May 8. Total ELI token supply for sale (60%) is 300,000,000 and will be offered to the public.