Regional Airline Surf Air to Begin Accepting Bitcoin and Ether

Announced late last week, Surf Air, a regional carrier airline, stated that it would now be supporting both Bitcoin and Ether payments for its charter services as well as monthly memberships.

Serving a number of cities in Texas, California, and Europe, the private airline will now let their users use cryptocurrency to pay for their seats through a mobile app.

According to an online article by the Independent, passengers who pay a monthly fee are permitted by the airline to fly as many times they want. These passengers also don’t have to wait in security because of the company pre-screening them with a government-approved background check before their flights.

In released statements, CEO Sudhin Shahani said that this move to embrace the uses of Bitcoin and Ethereum is all part of their effort to disrupt air services.

“Digital currency has been on our radar from the very beginning and we are excited to provide our members with another quick and seamless way to do business with Surf Air,” the CEO said.

With quite a few of them accepting Bitcoin over the years, regional airlines are no strangers to cryptocurrency. Indeed, a number of these airlines have also moved to exploring the advantages of blockchain, and what it can do to help improve areas like maintenance tracking and ticket disbursement.