Raw Seafoods to Track Seafood Using IBM Blockchain Platform

IBM recently joined forces with Raw Seafoods Inc. to enable partners, retailers, and restaurants to track seafood on the supply chain utilizing the IBM Food Trust, which is created on the IBM Blockchain Platform.

A fleet of scallopers in New Bedford, Massachusetts, will send information on their catch onto the platform, which will subsequently track subtleties like when the boat landed, when each scallop lot was hand graded, and more, as indicated by a public statement.

The platform will gather information on the scallop’s bundling and transporting date, alongside pictures and video. Permissioned parties like retailers and clients at point-of-sale would then be able to get to this data, which is stored on the blockchain.

“We are always actively engaged in helping our suppliers, retailers and restaurants deliver a product that’s well above the industry standard for quality and freshness,” Raw Seafoods VP of marketing Daniel McQuade said in the release.

“With IBM Food Trust, we found the perfect tool for establishing a direct link between the consumer and the captain of the boat that caught their fish, empowering shoppers and diners to demand more from their food supply chain.”