Rapper to Welcome Bitcoin Lightning Payments on Clothing Website

Rap icon Lil Pump has revealed that his online shop will honor payments through the Lightning Network. His fans can use Bitcoin to purchase merchandise from his Unhappy fashion line using the revolutionary micropayment solution. 

While such acceptance stories do not mean increased Bitcoin adoption, it is worth noting that the rapper has 1.24 million Twitter followers. Seeing Bitcoin, and especially the newer Lightning Network, being accepted as a payment method by a popular individual will likely help to further cement cryptocurrency in the public psyche.

So far, Lightning Network is experiencing a great year. The micropayment scaling solution designed to lessen transactions that occur on the main Bitcoin blockchain was lauded by the likes of Jack Dorsey. Several high-profile celebrities demonstrate the capabilities of the network by receiving and sending payments as part of the Lightning Torch. Prominent personalities involved are Dorsey, Elon Musk, and Miss Universe.

The world is beginning to witness real businesses implement the technology. Lil Pump is the latest to do so, allowing supporters to shop his clothing brand using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

Unhappy is the newest addition to the list of firms that will accept Bitcoin on Lightning Network. Some of those listed are for gambling or online betting platforms, adult videos/products, creative freelancers, and web services like hosting. So far, no major names from traditional industries have opened up to the new payment method. Before Lil Pump’s announcement, the most popular business accepting Lightning payments was LiveJasmin.

It is not the only time a rap icon has displayed interest in digital currency. The likes of Soulja Boy and Eminem have reportedly incorporated Bitcoin into their music. Soulja Boy’s latest full-length album Young Drako includes a track titled Bitcoin.” Eminem’s newest album Kamikaze features a track called “Not Alike,” which is a collab with Royce Da 5’9′. It states:

“Remember everybody used to bite Nickel, now everybody doing bitcoin.”