Qurito (QURO)

    Curiousity redefined

    Qurito aims to build a platform for curious minds who want to share their views, ideas, and knowledge. The goal is to develop a globalized platform in which helpfulness and curiousness can be rewarding.

    Qurito is offering a smart, engaging, and rewarding platform for individuals to use on a global scale. It will consolidate the data people find across the internet and then host it on one trusted platform.

    As kids, individuals keep on looking for ways to ask questions before they had the words. Their curiosity is rewarded with patient answers, proud smiles, and even exchange of loving conversation and further questions. People learn that every understanding starts with not knowing and they keep on exploring. Qurito serves as their companion in their constant quest for knowledge and experiences.

    Qurito is a platform that lets individuals gain, discover, and share their knowledge and ideas. Its main goal is to deliver valuable and reliable content without promotional spam or other types of unwanted content. Therefore, platform users can explore and grow in an efficient and effective fashion. Unlike other pre-existing knowledgebase platforms, Qurito has an incentive program. It incorporates a rewarding system that incentivizes users for their contributions on the platform. The reward system will subsequently unleash more quantitative and qualitative content which will be shared on the platform.

    Token QURO
    Type Utility
    Price 1 QURO = 0.1 USD
    Hard Cap
    25,000,000 USD
    Website https://www.qurito.io
    Twitter https://twitter.com/QuritoOfficial
    White Paper https://www.qurito.io/static/pdf/qurito_whitepaper.pdf