QuantmRE Launches Blockchain-Based Investment Platform for Real Estate


Blockchain-based tokenized real-estate marketplace QuantmRE has launched a proprietary security token that would allow qualifying members to invest into a diverse pool of fractional equity interests in U.S. homes, providing liquidity in the previously untapped real estate asset class worth $31.8 trillion.

Touted as “the world’s first membership-based, patent-pending fractionalized real estate trading platform” anchored on blockchain technology, QuantmRE has recently rolled EQRE, a securities token “tied to a unique class of real estate assets” that can be used to invest in instruments developed to assist U.S. citizens in unlocking their home equity without additional interest, debt, or monthly payments.

With QuantmRE’s inked partnership with regulated financial institution Prime Trust, investors will now be able to purchase EQRE securities tokens without the need to open a digital wallet, as Prime Trust would serve as the custodian for regulating and ensuring these digital assets on behalf of the investors.

As cited under the equity agreement upon selling a homeowner’s property, QuantmRE would receive back its original investment, on top of a fraction of any potential increase in the property’s value. Instead of incurring more debts, both parties would shoulder the potential benefits or liabilities of the sold property.

As QuantmRE founder and CEO Matthew Sullivan stated:

“EQRE is a securities token that we believe Wall Street could love. We’re creating a securities token tied to a unique class of real estate assets that can be attractive to institutions as well as small investors who want to dip a toe into crypto and real-estate assets at the same time. There is a low initial investment threshold and the tokens will have intrinsic value as they will represent ownership in a diversified pool of US-based real estate assets.”

Explaining the advantages of equity liquidity, Sullivan went on adding:

“By enabling people to make the equity in their homes liquid, without taking on debt, we are turning ‘home-owers’ who are carrying a mortgage, into homeowners. As well as helping homeowners release equity, QuantmRE makes it possible for ordinary people to invest in this unique real estate asset class. We are re-imagining the way homes are financed, while at the same time bringing much-needed transparency and intrinsic value to the tokenized economy.