Prosume Energy (PEF)

    Ready for the biggest energy revolution ever?

    Thanks to its self-regulated and decentralized monitoring system, Prosume is a blockchain-powered platform that guarantees an independent, autonomous, and digitized smart place allowing users to exchange various energy sources, accelerating and promoting new energy community models.

    The Prosume Foundation is a non-profit organization responsible for the platform’s management and development based on its project. All contributions collected by the Foundation in the Token Generation Event will be used to support Prosume’s roadmap and the project.

    To achieve its goals, Prosume Foundation will cooperate with several contractors, as well as academia, businesses, governments, and NGOs dedicated to realizing collaboration potential in communities worldwide.

    Prosume Foundation’s project seeks to build a blockchain-based platform to let users purchase and sell gas and electricity from fossil and renewable energy sources via smart contracts. The platform will deal with various issues related to the energy sector, including fair policy pricing, support for regulation frameworks, and new business opportunities and models.

    The platform wants to become the “most reliable energy community dealing with the real Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCE) and b.u.t. (thermal).” It will sell and purchase energy using an approach based on digitization, decentralization, accessibility, resiliency, flexibility, decarbonization, traceability, transparency, and sustainability.

    The platform connects electricity producers and consumers to exchange and trade energy in a decentralized online market. It maximizes fossil fuel efficiency, reducing their impact on the environment.

    Energy services firms, utility companies, grid-operators, and communities will administer their local energy platforms through a permissioned blockchain, which may be linked to federated zones. The PEF token allows consumers and producers to purchase electricity and gas assets delivered by different providers and sources on the platform.

    Token PEF
    Type Utility
    PreICO Price 1 ETH = 230 PEF
    Price 1 PEF = 2.1 USD
    Bonus Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH
    Hard Cap 80,000 ETH
    Country Italy
    White Paper